HDS Medallion Designer CarryAll Bags 

for Mobility Devices

How does your wheelchair, walker, medical scooter or power chair bag work on your device? Does it effectively carry your belongings? Can you access it easily?  Does it truly reflect your taste, your personality and style?  No? Then relax, check out our 35+ bags and find the one (or more) that are you! 

We offer three sizes in four collections, two attachment systems, quality fabrics and embellishments, USA made and lots of other great features . Not sure if our bags will work on a device?  Check out our guidelines that can help you decide.
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Will Our Bags Work On Your Device?                                     The Art of Self Expression                                             Features & Details            

Let your individuality shine with a stylish, yet practical HDS Medallion® Designer CarryAll Bag for you or your loved one’s wheelchair, walker, power chair, mobility scooter or other mobility device. They’re fabulously functional and so versatile that they even work on most golf carts. Our innovative attachment system allows you to configure many of our bags for multiple mobility devices.  That same bag can even be adapted as a regular hand, cross body or shoulder bag.  You choose!

Wonder if these bags will work on your device? Just click on the left image of three mobility devices to see how different bags would work on your device.  Thumb through our lookbook (center picture) for a fun overview of The Art of Self Expression. Want more details about these exciting bags?  Click on the cluster of bags picture to learn about the many great qualities and features of our bags.

Check out our featured products below and then read testimonials from our customers.  Already know which bag you want?  Just go to our catalog and select your great bag!

A Testimonial Reminds Us Of Why We Started HDS Medallion!

"I bought this for my aunt who lives in an assisted living facility. She's 88 and has always maintained her sense of fashion and her makeup and hair are perfection every single day. She's not thrilled about needing to use a walker but this has made her feel bDemi Leopard HDS Medallion CarryAll Bagetter about it. This product is very well made. The quality is much higher than we expected and it pulled her walker up to a striking new level. It holds everything she needs when out and about. She's gotten rave reviews from many residents on the bag and people have even taken pictures. I would definitely say that if this look is your or your loved one's look you won't regret buying this bag!" Joanne bought the Demi-Premier Leopard Bag - a striking bag.         



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HDS MEDALLION® distinctive mobility carryall bags
offer functional fashion with flair as walker
bags, power chair bags, medical scooter bags,
wheelchair bags, etc..