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Fabulously Functional HDS MEDALLION®
Designer CarryAll Bags for Mobility Devices

One Last Exhibition - The Villages, Florida
The Women's Expo - Tuesday, Oct. 13

If you are in the area, drop by our table.  We'll bring all of our bags and with a new banner show how they work on  Go Cars or Golf Carts.  Our innovative strap system works on most mobility devices as well.  Here's a sneak peak at one of the pictures. Our designer, Sharon, plays golf several times a week.  Our Metro Leopard CarryAll Bag looks great on her cart plus she can change it into a shoulder or handbag quickly to have lunch, meet friends, shop or whatever she chooses to do. 

Proudly Made In America

HDS Medallion Bags for wheelchairs, walkers, power chairs, mobility scooters and other mobility devices are proudly made in America.  We're proud to be creating jobs here.  Take a look at the details:

HDS Medallion is Made In The USA.





Buy one nowWant to hear what others are saying about their wheelchair bag, walker bag, scooter bag or power chair bag?  Just click here.                                                                                                                                                                                 





We're heading for Florida at The Villages Polo Pavillion for a Women's Expo on March 13th.  If you live in The Villages come see our fabulously functional bags for everything from Go Cars and Golf Carts to mobiity devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, power chairs, etc.  When we visited The Villages in May, we were amazed by the number of golf carts/go cars used as transportation and the variety of designs, finishes, etc.  Very few of them had bags so we tried our bags and they work due to the innovative attachment system. 

Abilities Expos:  Our last Abilities Expo was in Boston Sept. 18 - 20.  We were blessed to see lots of customers stop by the booth; sometimes to buy an additional or replacement bags; sometimes just to show us how well their bags are doing on their chairs;  sometimes just to chat and to enter our drawing for a free bag give-away, to see our new bags and to admire one of our "mascots", Abby or Hazel.  They are bears dressed in outfits from one of our bags such as Flirty Flowers Slicker and both are seated in wheelchairs with a miniature HDS Medallion CarryAll bag on the back of the chairs. See Abby (brown bear) and Hazel (white bear) on Pinterest at hdsmedallion.  Hazel and Abby worked very hard in our booth and buzzed around in a Colours small wheelchair entertaining the place.  

Go look on Facebook, www.facebook.com/hdsmedallion, or take a look at our boards on Pinterest, www.pinterest.com/hdsmedallion or follow the various conversations on twitter at www.twitter.com/hdsmedallion for pictures from the various expos. 

Here's some examples:

A Young Repeat Customer

This precious girl, a little person, has two HDS Medallion bags.  The one in the background on the scooter, a Princess Damask, was purchased last year.  She continued her pink theme with a new Zebra Daisy Dot Pink for her walker.  Adorable!

It's not only the young girls who likes our Demi-Premier Zebra Daisy Dot Bags. 

HDS Medallion's happy customers with their wheelchair  & walker bags!

OVERVIEW: These fashionable wheelchair bags, walker bags, and mobility scooter bags in four collections provide purse-like functionality for use on a wide vareity of mobility devices. More importantly, they epitomize a fashion rule we recently read. "There's only one fashion rule: if it makes you feel awesome, wear it."  Karen Walrond

Visit our product pages and identify which bags best reflect your loved one's, friend's or your own unique style and beauty from whimsical to elegant. Then figure out which type of bag fits the mobility device whether it is the the large Metro, smaller Demi-Premier, Classic or Premier Collections. Then buy through our product pages


Metro Bags are a direct response to many requests for a larger bag (16.5" HDS MEDALLION Silver Reptile Metro Wheelchair Bag & Walker BagX 12" X 4") and one that closes with a zipper for more security in a crowd. This collection of wheelchair and walker bags starts with leopard and silver-black reptile prints - classy yet durable. With their adjustable, detachable straps, you can use them on most mobility devices and even carry as a shoulder bag.

Demi-Premier Bags are smaller bags (13" X 10") with two types of straps. Four of our Demi's have straps that permanently attach to the front of the bag, but are adjustable in length to accommodate different devices. They close with  snaphooks on the back of the bag. They are great on thin to medium-armed power chairs and on the backs of smaller wheelchairs (16" or less) and on low backed chairs such as Colours or Ti's. Our newest bag, Imperial Indigo, has detachable, adjustable straps giving even more flexibility to fit a wide variety of devices.

Classic Bags (15" x 12") are great on thin armed power chairs, walkers, scooters, transport wheelchairsHDS MEDALLION Classic Wheelchair Bags & Walker Bags and wheelchairs with a bar in the back you or your caretaker can reach. Its velco-like attachment system is easy to use. Some of our most versatile wheelchair bags and walker bags are in the Classic Bags collection.    

Premier Bags (15" x 12") work best on the back of manual wheelchairs with handles, power chairs (especially thick Demi-Premier Leopard - wheelchair and walker bagarmed ones), bigger scooters, tall walkers and other devices.  If you use multiple devices, these are versatile enough to work on them all, with the detachable, adjustable straps. Plus you can configure its straps to carry it as a regular handbag or shoulder bag.

All of our weelchair bags, walker bags, and mobility device accessories are displayed in our product section .




Check out the articles on our weekly blog, at http://www.designermobilitybags.com/ where we try to keep you up to date on events, activities and achievements of people using mobility devices or otherwise disabled. We would love to have your comments and opinions.  We think you'll enjoy reading about these interesting people, events and devices, etc.

We have over 8,000 likes on FB and a number of pictures plus 3 short videos.  Also check out what our customers and friends say about us. Please "Like" us at our address on FB - www.facebook.com/HDSMedallion.  We always announce sales and news from there as well as on our website.  We've been tweeting more lately.  Have you been following us at www.twitter.com/hdsmedallion?  If not, check it out and follow us.  We're also on pinterest at www.pinterest.com/hdsmedallion.

Clever Customers

We have learned so much from our customers about different wayWoman Converts HDS MEDALLION Bag into Fannypacks to use/attach our bags.  There were the cross body bags where they connected the Wheelchair bags - HDS MEDALLION CarryAll Bag Converted to Cross Body Bagstraps to each other and the bag as shown to the left.  One larger woman bought additional straps so she could do this.  This woman in Boston attached the straps to each other, adjusted their lengths to fit around her hips and hung our Demi Imperial Indigo as a fanny pack. 

Other people asked us to fit the bag in the front of the chair and behind their feet. We were also pleased when people used our bags as covers for urine bags.  Who would have ever thought that Metro Leopard and Imperial Indigo would be used that way?  Clever!  Our waterproof, Whimsical Garden, would be great for this use too.

Small Girl with HDS Medallion Wheelchair BagYoung Woman Showing Off her HDS Medallion Carryall

Here are some pictures of women and girls who purchased an HDS   MEDALLION Bag at the 2014 Abilities Expos.


This little cutie is probably one of the youngest users of our bags! She picked it out all by herself!



HDS MEDALLION Jewel Swirl  Bag Carried by Little PersonThis delightful young woman we met at the Little People's National Conference loved the idea of carrying Jewel Swirl as a shoulder bag.

Our Espresso Combo brought a great smile from this young woman - she was thrilled when her family said yes to the bag!

Aleen loves her HDS MEDALLION Wheelchair Bag - Premier Imperial Blue.


After being in a chair 11 years, this sweet lady bought herself something pretty for the very first time.  Very emotional time that ended in a great smile. 


A young woman shows off her zebra print wheelchair bag


This cute young woman really liked the Zebra Premier Bag for her chair.


A young lady poses with her new HDS Medallion wheelchair bag - and her dad!



His daughter is so joyous over her Demi bag named Zebra Daisy Dot Pink. Definitely better than a three point layup!




A woman posts with her chic HDS Medallion power scooter bag.


This device is really dressed up by the Classic Imperial Crimson Bag with its floral brass slide.  Picks up the red in this woman's scooter.

We have a large range of colors and patterns in our Classic and Premier Collections.  Eight patterns grace our Demi-Premier Collection and our new Metro Collection was started with two animal print bags. 

Check out our product pages.







Wheelchair bag, walker bag, power scooter bag,



Welcome to HDS MEDALLION, the online source for designer carryall wheelchair bags, walker bags, power chair bags, and a variety of other handbags and mobility device accessories. At HDS MEDALLION we believe women and girls who use a mobility device temporarily because of surgery or rehabilitation or permanently because of age, disease, injuries or physical conditions shouldn’t have to sacrifice their sense of style. In fact, they should celebrate it! 

Unlike the customary drab and medical bags that have no sense of flair or style, our distinctive walker and wheelchair carryall bags feature attractive quality fabrics and trims, feminine and functional designs, a strong sense of style with a range from whimsical to elegant patterns and colors. They beautify mobility devices and provide purse-like functionality - a marriage of fashion and function.

Women who use walkers, wheelchairs, scooters or power chairs shouldn’t be stripped of their unique fashion sense. With our designer walker bags or the versatile premier carryall bags, females of all ages can maintain their individual sense of style and have a functional carryall bag that works on mobility devices (regular handbags won't).  They'll keep all of their personal belongings at hand just like purses do for the able bodied.  In fact these women can change perceptions with fashion!

During our research and field testing while designing our carryall bags, we kept coming across the same complaint from women who have to use mobility devices: “Why can’t I just have a nice looking purse that will work on my device?” It’s a simple request and one we took to heart when we started our company. Having to use medical scooters, walkers, wheelchairs and/or power chairs that are often clinical, asexual, and unattractive can make women feel less feminine and less stylish.

The lack of fashionable accessories for these devices only lessens their sense of individuality. Time and time again we hear this same complaint from women we meet at Abilities Expos.  This is exactly why we designed unique and distinctive walker bags (our Classic Collection) and wheelchair bags  (Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro Collections) so women who use mobility devices can demonstrate their own fashion sense and also carry their belongings privately and safely.

We offer fourteen different styles of our 15" x 12" Classic Carryall Bags to match a wide variety of personal fashion tastes. From the bursting colors of our Paisley Punch Pink walker bag to the chic and contemporary black and white striped Zebra Party Animal carryall bag, we let women maintain their stylish persona by accessorizing walkers, medical scooters, transport wheelchairs and thin armed power chairs with fun, functional yet fashionable bags that express their personalities and tastes.

Introduced in May 2012, our Premier CarryAll Bags (15" x 12") are extremely versatile and fit well on the back of regular wheelchairs, on thick-armed power chairs as well as walkers, strollers, thin armed power chairs and even personal carts.  They have adjustable, detachable straps which help the bags fits the vast majority of mobility devices and even allow you to transform the bag into a normal shoulder bag anyone can carry.  So convenient and so distinctive.....just like you. We also introduced our first zippered Premier Bag, the Premier Silver & Black Reptile bag in May 2013.   

In November 2012, we introduced four Demi-Premier Bags for women or girls who want or need a smaller bag (13" x 10").  They work well on smaller wheelchairs or shorter power chairs as well as Colours and Ti Lite Wheelchairs.  Additionally some women just prefer smaller purses regardless of the device. We've watched a loving husband work to fit one of these smaller bags beneath his wife's chair so she could use it by leaning forward and down.

Our 2014 Demis (Imperial Indigo, Leopard, Yellow Daylilies,Jewel Swirl and Mulberry Criss Cross) have detachable adjustable straps similar to those on premier bags for similar versatility. Check out our first waterproof bag, Whimsical Garden. It shouts fun with no worries with its black patent background and a fist full of bright flowers.  The inside is also waterproof black with white polka-dots.

In May 2013, we also introduced our new Metro CarryAll Bags which were produced because of feedback we got at our first Abilities Expo in New Jersey.  Those ladies from the metropolitan areas wanted a larger bag which zipped to secure their possessions on the back of their chairs in crowds.  The two bags we introduced, Metro Leopard and Metro Reptile, are 17"x 12" x 4" and have sturdy zippers. 

Great for a holiday or birthday gift, Mother's Day or just a nice present for someone who is disabled or entering rehabilitation, or a senior moving to an assisted living, group or a nursing home and uses a device, our HDS MEDALLION® Designer CarryAll Bags will be welcome accessories for women who refuse to let circumstances define, steal or compromise their style.