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A Great Gift For Mom!

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we have a great selection for you to consider.  Plus you have a choice of either free shipping or 15% off of any bag!  Just figure out which saves you the most money.  See the coupon below for the discount codes for your choice.  While normally only one coupon code can be used on a given order, if you buy 2 bags (at 15% off with Mom15% code), shipping is automatically free!  We have nearly 40+ walker, wheelchair, scooter and power chair bags available that offer a wide range of colors, patterns, styles, etc. to reflect your Mom's individual taste. Want to know more about HDS Medallion bags? Just scroll on down for some highlights or check out our testimonials

HDS Medallion Mother's Day Coupon For Free Shipping or 15% Off


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Will Our Bags Work On Your Device?                                     The Art of Self Expression                                             Features & Details            

Let your individuality shine with a stylish, yet practical HDS Medallion® Designer CarryAll Bag for you or your loved one’s wheelchair, walker, power chair, mobility scooter or other mobility device. They’re fabulously functional and so versatile that they even work on most golf carts. Our innovative attachment system allows you to configure many of our bags for multiple mobility devices.  That same bag can even be adapted as a regular hand, cross body or shoulder bag.  You choose!

Wonder if these bags will work on your device? Just click on the left image of three mobility devices to see how different bags would work on your device.  Thumb through our lookbook (center picture) for a fun overview of The Art of Self Expression. Want more details about these exciting bags?  Click on the cluster of bags picture to learn about the many great qualities and features of our bags.

Check out our featured products below and then read testimonials from our customers.  Already know which bag you want?  Just go to our catalog and select your great bag!

Your Bag Changed Her Life!

 We received this testimonial today (April 19th) and had to publish it! 

 " Hi Carol, I have purchased several of your bags for my friend Pat and she has really enjoyed all of them and gets compliments all the time on them.

Your bags have changed her life. She was putting things in her pockets and on the side of her chair, only to have them fall off and we both know that reaching for a fallen item can be a danger. She now has a water bottle and everything she needs while away from her apartment. A very heartfelt thank you to all of you for caring and making a difference!"

 Elizabeth from Kentucky & Indiana

Thanks Elizabeth!  The last bag that Elizabeth bought her friend was a stunningly beautiful Premier Amethyst Grandeur! HDS Medallion Amethyst Grandeur Is A Gorgeous Wheelchair Bag








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HDS MEDALLION® distinctive mobility carryall bags
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