HDS Medallion Customers Love Our Bags

wheelchair bagsHDS Medallion Customers Love Our Bags (3/01/15)

At HDS Medallion, our goal is to create bags that are both stylish and functional while meeting the diverse needs of our varied customers. We love to hear from our customers about how our bags have helped to make their lives easier. Three people who have three very different HDS Medallion bags have written us this month with very different testimonials.


A Metro Bag For A Little Person Who Carries Her Bag

“Please accept my apologies for not having written to you earlier. But, I won the drawing for one of your bags at the 2014 Little People of America Conference in San Diego last July. I chose a Metro bag on-line, and I absolutely love it!
It holds just enough for me….even some 8 1/2 x 11 folders that I need to carry back and forth for work. I also like the pocket on the outside. I’m assuming that pocket is for a cell phone, but I keep my transit card in it and I keep my cell phone inside the bag zipped up for safe traveling because I commute into San Francisco daily. I also like the adjustable straps and the fact that they are wide enough not to ‘cut into’ my shoulders like my previous bag did.

Again, I am so sorry I haven’t written to you before now. Please know that I love your bag and I have shared your website with many folks. Thank you again.”

Annis A.


A Demi-Premier Bag For a Senior With A Walker

“I love the bag! I purchased it for my 92-year-old mom who is in an assisted living facility and uses a walker. It is perfect for her! It’s large enough to carry all her belongings, not to mention very pretty! I was really impressed with how quickly you processed my order. I am more than satisfied. Thanks for your assistance.”

Ann Marie

Note: Ann Marie bought a Demi-Premier Espresso Combo which is bright and cheery. Per our policy, her bag was mailed the day we received her order (if received before 2 pm on a business day).


A Premier Bag for A College Student With A Segway

Sarah is a college student who won an HDS MEDALLION Bag over 2 years ago at the San Jose Expo to use on her Segway (her mobility device). We’ve featured her in our blogs and have a lively Facebook relationship with her. On Feb. 5th she posted the following to her FB page:
“Your bag just saved me a great deal of hardship! My Segway just died and I had to gather what I needed from my Segway compartment bags to take back to Berkeley as I needed to drop off my Segway with my parents. Your bag that I use on my Segway was just what I needed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Note: Sarah has a new wheelchair and her premier Silver & Black Damask bag can transition over to it for continued use. She just has to attach the straps to different D-rings in the bag.
If you need a bag to carry your possessions when you use a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility device or just like a bag to carry, you have come to the right place. Browse our website, www.hdsmedallion.com , to find the bag that is right for your needs. If you’ve found one of our bags helpful, we would love to hear about your experience.


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