What Makes HDS Medallion Bags Unique?

Silver-Medallion - CopyWhen purchasing an HDS Medallion® bag you’re getting the most stylish and practical bag for mobility devices that’s available.  Here’s a recap of why our bags stand out among the rest:

  • The clever and one-of-a-kind design of the Attachment System in the Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro collections features quality, metal hardware. While we’re flattered that other companies have started to introduce similar concept, it’s important to note that these solutions all use plastic clips rather than metal snap hooks and metal D rings.  HDS Medallion hardware comes in brass, nickel and brass with a black coating and is made in Connecticut as opposed to overseas.
  • Quality Materials Each bag is made with premier cotton (except for waterproof bags that are constructed and lined in waterproof laminated cotton) or top quality twill or denim. Non HDS Medallion bags tend to use nylon or another thin fabric to line their bags while HDS Medallion uses premier cotton of the same caliber as the outside fabric. A high quality lining inside the bag helps protect and preserve the inside of the bag where most of the wear and tear occurs.
  • img-3Contrasting Lining Although a few HDS Medallion bags are lined in solid black, most bags have colored solid or patterned lining materials in keeping with our brand and style. For example, the Yellow Daylilies Demi Bag is lined with an aqua and yellow plaid that complements the colors on the outside.  Our Denim Bouquet Premier Bag has contemporary flowers in a range of denim blues for its lining.  All bag interior pockets are made of fabric that contrasts with the lining.
  • Wide selection in a range of colors, patterns, sizes and embellishments:
    • Classic Collection (15” x 12”): 14 different bags in colors ranging from pink to blue to taupe to black & silver and back.
    • Premier Collection (15” x 12”): 14 different bags in a range of prints and patterns including paisley, animal, floral, Asian and contemporary. All carry our detachable, adjustable straps.
    • Demi-Premiers (13” x 10”): While smaller than Premier, these bags are impressive on their own.  There are 9 smaller bags in new patterns and colors – all embellished with everything from ribbons to big buttons to colored and white slides to gorgeous braids.
    • Metro Collection (17” x 12”): Available in animal prints — reptile and leopard – along with zippers.
  • Made in U.S.A. – While there is a growing trend to manufacture in the U.S.A., we’ve always done so in Massachusetts! We hope all bag manufacturers will eventually bring their products back home to the U.S.A. Even the brass and nickel coated medallions that every bag sports are made here (Rhode Island) as well as other hardware (Connecticut).
  • Service – we’re proud of our service representatives who interact with our customers to answer questions, provide information as well as how we treat people who have to return a bag for any reason. Although we have less than 3% returns for all reasons, we view every return as important and strive to handle it well and efficiently.

So check out HDS Medallion online at www.hdsmedallion.com or call us at 877-646-1941.

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