A Perfect Holiday Gift! Introducing Four New Beautiful HDS MEDALLION® Bags

Mulberry Criss Cross, Jeweled Ribbons, Amethyst Grandeur and Royal Blue Lumina are the newest bags to join our ever-popular line of designer mobility bags.  A bag is a perfect way to spread some cheer this holiday. Order today and get $5.00 off and make sure the bag arrives in time for the holidays! Shop HDS Medallion Bags.

MulberryMulberry Criss Cross in the Demi-Premier Collection
A stunning Demi-Premier bag boasting a rich, vibrant mulberry top over an amethyst grandeur print base. What really captures an admirers’ eye is the dramatic criss cross braid in subtle shades of gold, bronze and silver. It’s striking. It’s vivid. It’s unique – just like you! Lined in mulberry. Colors: mulberry, deep purple, mid-purple, lavender, and coral-rose. This bag can go on almost any mobility device from walkers to low wheelchairs and back!

Jewel RibbonsJeweled Ribbons in the Premier Collection
Designed for special women who love jeweled colors of eye-catching crimson, emerald, amethyst, and sapphire in soft ribbons edged in gold on a black background. It’s all captured in a 4” horizontal band surrounded by two small bands of black and gold stardust. Every bag is unique as the center band is determined by the cutting of the fabric. The bag is lined in royal purple. This bag looks spectacular on power chairs and wheelchairs, and can work on walkers and scooters as well.

Amethyst Grandeur SampleAmethyst Grandeur in the Premier Collection
It’s here!  Based on all your requests for a pretty purple bag, we’re excited to offer this fabulously functional Amethyst bag you’re going to love. Wishes do come true!

Amethyst Grandeur is a gorgeous bag featuring a montage of dark and medium purple and lavender etched with gold. The purple and gold braid mirrors the fabric. And surprise, there’s a fun touch of a periodic splash of coral-rose. How could you not love its appearance? It’s easy to configure the bag for use on your mobility device using the D-Ring and adjustable, detachable straps with snap hooks.  The bag is lined in jewel swirl colors of purple, pink, rose and soft red.

Blue LuminaRoyal Blue Lumina in the Premier Collection
Fit for a queen or a princess who adores sapphires, turquoise, emeralds and gold. Revel in the compliments you’ll receive when you sport this extraordinary bag on your mobility device such as a power chair, wheelchair or scooter. The multi-colored medallion formations swirl with royal and peacock blues, light navy, turquoise and the greens of emeralds etched in metallic gold. The light navy ribbon with its floral satin finished brass slide with raised flowers and vines echo the theme. Bag lining comes in a vivid turquoise cotton.

Won’t this lush bag look just great on a walker, medical scooter, power chair, wheelchair or other mobility device of someone you love?  Or add this to your own holiday wish list!

Limited quantities are available, so don’t wait.  Only offered on www.hdsmedallion.com

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