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Since starting our business making fashionable and functional carryall bags for wheelchairs and other mobility devices we have had the good fortune of traveling across the country, meeting many people and enjoying the kind words many people have had to say about our bags.

Nothing speaks quite like a testimonial so we want to take this opportunity to share with you some of the feedback we’ve been getting from our customers and fans.

These people come from all across the country, with different backgrounds and stories about what led them to use a wheelchair, power chair, scooter or walker. We find it fascinating and very rewarding how our bags have been able to help and uplift so many people. We look forward to hearing more as we continue to grow.


We met Leslie at the Abilities Expo in Boston and she was the lucky winner of one of our bags. An accident two years ago left her a quadriplegic but she has refused to let the incident deter her from an active lifestyle.

Dear Carol,

My name is Leslie H.  I was at the Abilities Expo in Boston, and although it has taken awhile for your message to reach me (not your fault); apparently I am a winner of one of your lovely bags! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to get such great news! While at the expo, I had been admiring your beautiful, fun bags. I am just very surprised to find myself so lucky!

Two years ago I was out walking my dog on a dark night and stumbled over some construction materials placed in my usual path. This one wrong step resulted in my quadriplegia. I was a very active person who now relies on a large wheelchair navigated by use of my head. I used to carry a fairly large pocketbook. It will be nice to have something more fashionable again than the sack that has been hanging off of my chair.

From what I gleaned from your email, you want me to choose something from your website. I have had fun perusing through all of the great bags. My favorite of the bunch is the Premier Black Damask. My chair could use a little glamour…

Thank you so much for the random act of kindness.

– Leslie H. from Maine


Cindy is another bag winner and she wrote in to let us know how much she enjoyed browsing the selection of available bags and why she chose the Metro Silver Black Reptile.

Hi Carol,

Your bags are surely wonderful! Very pretty, very sassy and eye- catching! I have been on the website

and the metro silver- black reptile suits me best!

Thank you so much for such a great treat.

– Cindy of Chatham MA


We met Claudia in Houston two years ago and she now owns two HDS MEDALLION Bags. She was in a horrific automobile accident in which her young baby died, her husband was burned and she was paralyzed. She has been the subject of a documentary and a book, Unshaken Faith. She is the proud mother of 5-year old twin boys with a very active life. She wrote to us on our Facebook page to let us know that she puts her wheelchair to the test everyday and how impressed she was that our bag was able to hold up to the rigors of her daily life.

I have had one of these bags for a year now and it still looks just a good as the day I bought it. I am a wheelchair user and very ROUGH on everything- and so are my twin boys! If it can hold up to me, then it can for anyone. When the time comes for a new bag, I know where I will be going!

– Claudia Salley of Louisiana


Ashley also wrote to us on Facebook and made mention of the fact that her designer carryall bag was both functional and fashionable. This is something we strive to get across to customers and Ashley hit the nail on the head with this response. She is also a good example of the bag’s flexibility relative to placement on the mobility device to fit the user’s needs.

I received my HDS medallion bag today, and I absolutely love it!!! Fits perfect under my wheelchair yet extremely fashionable. If you haven’t ordered one, you should!!!

Thank You again for the wonderful bag!!!

– Ashley Orr

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