Calling Foul at the World Cup



Awhile back we blogged about families that would pay disabled children so they could cut the long lines at Disney World. Now, with tickets getting scarce the World Cup in Brazil it appears some desperate fans have resorted to ticket fraud and wheelchairs to gain admittance to the most watched sporting event in the world.

According to police in Brazil, fans are being investigated for allegedly buying tickets on the black market (scalping) and tried to cover their tracks by accessing the stadiums in wheelchairs. What tipped the police off was a group of Brazil fans who attended the host team’s opener on June 12th. When Brazil scored their first goal of the tournament is was more than magic, it appeared to be a miracle since several of the wheelchair bound fans leapt out of their chairs and cheered.

The Daily Telegraph in the UK is reporting that fans feigning handicaps to gain access to World Cup matches is not new and that disabled fans have been willing to sell their tickets at the right price.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, National Public Radio’s Shanghai Correspondent Frank Langfitt is reporting that online stores in China are selling fake doctor’s notes to World Cup fans so they may be excused from work to watch their team on match day.

The World Cup is a hot ticket and it appears nothing is off-limits when it comes to soccer-mad fans.

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