Fire Department Gives Homecoming Queen Lift to the Prom

WheelchairsUsually when the homecoming queen attends the prom, it is with the help of a stretch limo. However, recently in Arvada, CO, a limo was not an option due to the fact that the homecoming queen, Kelsie Levad has to use a wheelchair because of her cerebral palsy. Her partner for the prom, AJ Novotny, also has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair as well.

The two struggled to find fitting transportation that would get them to the prom and catch the attention of everyone they passed. It turns out that AJ’s temporary job, with the Arvada Fire Department, would provide just the right vehicle for the couple.

When Deanna Harrington, a public information officer and life safety educator at the fire department, heard of the situation, she decided to step in and lend a hand. The next time AJ came in to work, Harrington got the on-duty crew to take him on the truck.

“It was absolutely amazing how excited he was,” Harrington told the Today Show. “As prom was approaching, I heard from his mom that she had looked around and there weren’t any limos or vehicles they could get to transport two kids who were wheelchair-bound. We thought, ‘We already know we can get AJ on the truck, why can’t we get his date on, too?’”

At first, the couple was brought to the fire station on the night of the prom for photos in front of the truck. Neither knew the full extent of the plan. When the picture taking was done, it was then revealed that both would be riding on the fire truck to their prom.

“He was all squeals!” Harrington told the Today Show.

AJ’s mom, Boyer, was helpful in getting the arrangements made.

“It was exciting for all of us to see the joy in his face,” she told the Today Show. “They were beside themselves”.

The prom took place at Mile High Stadium, where the NFL Broncos play, and it’s safe to say that on this night a certain couple was more than just a mile high.

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