A Stylish Gift for Mother’s Day

Hou 2013 - Poppy Punch Red - with ToddlerChances are you know a senior or disabled woman, perhaps your Mom, Mother-in-law, Daughter, Grandma or Aunt, who uses a mobility assistive device (wheelchair, scooter, walker, power chair etc.) to get around.

Chances are also that each holiday you ponder on a gift idea that will a.) be used, b.) help her feel good and allow her to express her own personal sense of style while using the device.  We’ve got the perfect solution … a bag that is stylish and designed to function on almost all mobility devices.

Mothers DayGive the special woman in your life a gift will make her smile all year long (no more nightgowns, lotion or perfume, please!).  From April 26, 2014 until May 11, 2014, we’re offering 15% off Classic Bags, 10% off Premier Bags and Metro bags and 5% off Demi-Premier  Bags. Order today so the bag arrives in time! Shop HDS MEDALLION Bags.

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