New Bags Debut in LA

When we prepared for our trip out west to the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles we really had no idea what to expect. It was our first trip to the LA event and it was Oscar’s week so we weren’t sure how everything would play out in the city of angels. While the Expo was fun and we did manage to sell a few bags we had hoped for a larger attendance. Maybe everyone was angling for a spot near the red carpet for the Academy Awards and the three days of solid rain, while helpful to the drought-stricken area, certainly suppressed attendance too.

Despite the lower than expected turnout we met some terrific girls and women and made some very interesting contacts and were also able to debut two brand new bags: the Demi-Leopard and the Premier Denim Bouquet. We also tested a new concept from our designer – pashmina waterfall vests. (More on that later)

8 (3)The Demi-Leopard is a wild and chic carryall bag that features a beautiful leopard print that mixes black and brown in stunning patterns. A classy and fun bag, this one is lined in black and can be customized by adding a rosette made out of a black and gold zipper.

Like our premier bags, the Demi-Leopard features detachable, adjustable straps that can be configured to work on a wide range of mobility devices.

This designer carryall bag works best on walkers, wheelchairs, power chairs and scooters.



Our other debut was the Premier Denim Bouquet. We all know how popular denim is and now senior women and women and girls with disabilities can flaunt their denim style with our designer carryall bags. Featuring a chic bouquet of Denim and Jeweled Flowers that stretch across a painter’s canvas field of denim color with navy highlights, this wheelchair bag matches the universal appeal of denim with our signature flair.

There is another bouquet inside the bag in a contemporary mixture of denim and navy flowers for the lining. This bag is terrific for the women and girls who love sophisticated denim looks with a flirtatious side.

The Premier Denim Bouquet is best used on manual and electric wheelchairs, power chairs, medical scooters, transport wheelchairs and Segways.

Visit our site now to order your Demi-Leopard or Premier Denim Bouquet today!

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