Wheelchairs Evolving with Independence & Individuality

WheelchairsFor centuries people with disabilities have relied on wheelchairs to be mobile. However, for most of this time, wheelchairs have been designed solely for function and have conformed to a uniform look. But, as more people with disabilities express themselves with mobility devices, adaptive clothing and wheelchair accessories, the style of the wheelchair itself is undergoing rapid changes.

From aerodynamic wheelchairs used by disabled athletes to custom wheelchairs made for people who are exceptionally tall or short, the design of the mobility device is becoming more important to the user.

Prior, a wheelchair was simply used to get a disabled person from point A to point B. Little thought went in to designing a wheelchair that would allow someone to enjoy the journey between the two points. Today, as more disabled people are integrating into society and becoming more involved in everyday activities, they want wheelchairs and mobility devices that are functional, comfortable and capable of expressing their unique needs and lifestyle.

Wheelchair users are now beginning to adopt an apt fashion quote, “People will stare so give them something to stare at”. People with disabilities are very aware that wherever they go someone will stare. Instead of feeling uncomfortable, the trend now is to present a wheelchair so stylish users will want people to look. From painting chairs vibrant colors and adding funky spoke guards to caster lights and even wheel rims that spin, wheelchairs are being tricked out as much as custom cars. To the user, this customization gives a feeling of self-empowerment and differentiates their wheelchair from anyone else’s.

Essentially, wheelchairs are becoming much more than transportation devices. Users can now use wheelchairs for extreme sports, dancing (like Auti Angel of Push Girls) and many other activities. More disabled people are expressing their unique character and they are doing it with wheelchairs, mobility device accessories and adaptive clothing that are stylish, fresh and contemporary. HDS MEDALLION® was built to offer designer mobility bags that allow people to express their unique style and personality.

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