Made in the USA, and Proud of It

It wasn’t too long ago when “Made in the USA” meant something. Unfortunately, with the trend for outsourcing continuing, many jobs that used to belong to Americans have now gone overseas, adding to the high unemployment numbers we are currently seeing. In the race to make more money many companies have lost sight of the bigger human picture, the community that is supported by jobs kept in the United States.

This video breaks down in simple terms the cost of sending jobs overseas and the damage it does.

At HDS Medallion® we are proud to manufacture our stylish wheelchair bags and our distinctive carryall bags right here at home and in turn keep money circulating in the American economy.

We all understand the need to be part of a global community and that we could lower the cost of our bags if we outsourced. But we are aware that continually sending jobs to other countries hurts the families here and there are bigger things in life than a short-term profit. At least that is our philosophy. Invest at home and help the people in your community by buying American.

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