Paralyzed Pets go Mobile

HDS MedallionUp until recently a pet that was paralyzed had few options for mobility. But we all know how fond people are of their dogs, many considering pets to be part of their families, and now with the help of modern technology paralyzed pets are being given a second chance.

Saving K9 Lives Plus is a group formed by Jasmine and Bobby Kimball in Los Angeles to help get disabled dogs moving again.

Bobby is the lead singer of the rock band Toto and he has been able to network with some celebrity friends to raise money and awareness and also get Canine Carts to donate $300 wheelchairs for the cause.

Four dogs at a vet in South Central Los Angeles, an infamous section of the city that was the epicenter of the LA Riots in 1994, have been given new life thanks to the donations and support of Saving K9 Lives Plus. Under the care of Dr. Joy Anderson these dogs were taken in after being struck by cars and abandoned by their owners.

According to manager of the Pet Care Veterinary Center, Alex Kyrklund, some owners couldn’t care for an animal in such need, others couldn’t afford the medical care and another simply never returned for his dog. If it hadn’t been for the actions of Saving K9 Lives Plus these animals would most likely have been euthanized.

The four dogs are now happily using specially fitted wheelchairs to get about and are waiting to be adopted. For information on the dogs and possible adoption contact:

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