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Our decision to offer designer mobility bags for senior and disabled women was motivated by a common complaint: “Why can’t I have a nice looking purse that will work on my device?”

The lack of fashionable and feminine purses that truly fit mobility devices is exactly why we designed our bags differently – so women who use mobility devices can exude their sense of style, individuality and carry their belongings easily.

HDS MEDALLION® Distinctive Carryall Bags are available in four (4) collections that fit various devices from wheelchairs to walkers, power chairs, scooters and back:

Coese - ZebraClassic Collection: There are fourteen (14) different styles in this collection. These 15” x 12” bags are best for accessorizing walkers, medical scooters, transport wheelchairs, small wheelchairs and thin armed power chairs with fun, functional yet stylish bags.


2012-11-16 19.59.25-1Premier Collection: Ten versatile bags (15″ x 12″)for the back of regular wheelchairs or the arms of power chairs (especially those with thick arms) make up this collection.  They can also function on walkers, strollers, thin armed power chairs and even personal carts due to the ability to configure the bag’s straps differently depending on the device. These bags with their adjustable, detachable straps let you transform the bag to work on almost all devices and even allow you to transform the bag into a normal shoulder bag anyone can carry.


HDS_2Demi-Premier Collection: Four different styles designed for women or girls who want or need a smaller bag (13″ x 10″). These bags work especially well on smaller wheelchairs, shorter power chairs as well as low backed wheelchairs with a back bar such as those by Colours and Ti Lite.


Hou 2013 Leopard WCMetro Collection: These two new bags are for women wanting a larger bag (17″x 12″ x 4″) with a zipper to secure possessions when the bag is hung on the back of a wheelchair or arm of a power chair especially in a big city environment.  Works best on larger chairs.



For more information on how to hang the Classic and Premier Bags, view these brief videos.


With the right bag for your device, you’ll be impressed with its fit, function and fashion. Remember it’s designed to FIT your device, to FUNCTION as a purse to carry your stuff and always to be FASHIONABLE to reflect your individual taste and style.

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