Heating up in Houston

Auti rocking Houston

Auti rocking Houston

Returning to Texas always makes us feel good, but we could never have anticipated the experience we had at this year’s Ability Expo held in the Reliant Center. From August 1 – 4 we had the pleasure of setting up our booth to display our distinctive carryall bags and meet with so many wonderful people including Auti Angel, one of the stars from the TV show Push Girls, who is now one of our biggest supporters. We even met her husband Eric.

The three day event not only included the trade show but also had fun and informative workshops for people with disabilities including a very special performance by Auti Angel who never fails to energize a crowd and put smiles on the faces of everyone she touches. This year we were very excited to unveil our new Metro and Demi-Premier bags. The Metro is a brand new bag with stunning animal prints and a large sized zipper closing. The Demi-Premier bags are the smallest bag we’ve designed and attaches with adjustable straps that make it a perfect fit for small wheelchairs and power chairs.

While we are always excited to see sales, especially women returning who bought bags last year for another one, it is just as important for us to be a part of this special event and interact on a personal level with people who continue to inspire us every day. This was our best exhibit yet in terms of bags sold with our sassy Metro Leopard bag turning heads and generating plenty of buzz. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Auti Angel sporting the bag on the back of her constantly moving wheelchair. She even kept the bag on her chair during her workshop/performance and gave a shout out to us each day. We are truly grateful to have such a devoted fan.

We cordially invite you to visit our Facebook page for pictures and updates from the expo. Houston is definitely our comfort zone but the Abilities Expo also takes place in Boston (our next Expo), Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Jose and Atlanta. We do our best to attend as many shows as possible and look forward to meeting new people at these fun and exciting exhibits. It fills us with joy to know so many people have become fans of our bags because we are certainly fans of these inspiring men, women and children who never fail to amaze us with their courage, humor, positive outlook and personal styles.

Hope to see anyone from New England at The Abilities Expo in Boston, September 20-22!

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