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Wheelchair BagCurrently at HDS MEDALLION® we have three unique types of distinctive carryall bags: the Premier Bags, the Classic Bags and the Demi Premier Bags. We will be introducing a 4th collection in early May at the New York Metro Abilities Expo. We call them carryall bags because each can be used for toting along personal belongings when using a walker, wheelchair, power chair or other medical mobility device.

Here is a quick look at each type of bag and how it can be used to help senior women and disabled women and girls get through their day in comfort and style.

Classic Bags – Our first product was the Classic carryall bags that attach using a Velcro-like system. We find that these bags work best on thin armed power chairs, walkers, scooters, transport wheelchairs and wheelchairs with a bar in the back you or your caretaker can reach.

Premier Bags – Our second collection launch was the Premier carryall bags and in our product testing, we found that these bags work best on the back of manual wheelchairs with handles, power chairs, scooters, tall walkers and other medical mobility devices. The Premier bags are ideal for someone who uses multiple devices since these bags are versatile enough to work on a variety of wheelchairs, walkers and power chairs. This bag can also be configured to carry as regular handbag or shoulder bag.

Demi Premier Bags – Our latest carryall bag is our smallest version and includes straps that permanently attach to the front of the bag but have adjustable length straps and close with a snaphook in the back. The Demi Premier bags work best on thin to-medium armed power chairs and on the backs of smaller wheelchairs (16” or less). They also work well for women and girls with shorter devices, even walkers.

Metro Bags – These bags are designed to handle city life on mobility devices. Their larger size helps women of all ages carry their personal belongings plus Ipads, tablets, and other electronic items in a zippered bag. Like the Premier, these bags are very versatile and work on a wide range of devices. Our initial two bags will be a unique silver and black reptile bag and a fun leopard print bag.

Each carryall bag we ship contains an instruction card in the outside back pocket but if you still need assistance visit our Use & Care section of our site to learn more about how to attach specific carryall bags to different mobility devices, contact us via email at or call customer service at 1-877-646-1941.

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