Wheelchair Halloween Costumes

An A for effort and an A+ for finished product

Next Wednesday is Halloween and kids all across the country will be celebrating the holiday by dressing up in scary and fun costumes as they make the rounds of their neighborhoods in search of sweet treats. Disabled children are also getting in on the fun and while many would assume being in a wheelchair is a hindrance to dressing up kids who have to use mobility devices and power chairs and their parents are getting very clever and inventive when incorporating wheelchairs into great Halloween costumes.

Some of the creative costumes that have been spotted so far include a cardboard ice cream truck around the boy’s wheelchair, a young boy whose chair was made into a DJ booth complete with turntables and another kid who has his power chair as a TIE-Fighter ship from Star Wars with himself as Darth Vader. It’s great to see kids so young use a perceived disadvantage to their advantage. Even though some may not even be aware of it, the task of making a Halloween costume out of their wheelchairs is actually preparing them for a future where they will find other ways to use their mobility devices in creative ways others haven’t even thought of yet.

At HDS MEDALLION® we applaud all the courageous kids and their parents who look at the hurdles life presents them, smile and find unique ways to overcome obstacles. This Halloween don’t be surprised to see some amazing costumes that incorporate the design of wheelchairs and power chairs in your neighborhood. Give ‘em an extra treat for their cleverness!

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