Houston Abilities Expo

Designer Sharon Richardson, Push Girl Auti Angel and Carol from HDS Medallion

We just returned for the Abilities Expo in Houston, TX and what an event it was. In addition to meeting up with Push Girl’s star Auti Angel who wanted to check on the design for her special leopard bag to match her chair we also had the good fortune to meet Alana Ashley Little, the 2012 Little Miss Wheelchair Texas whose traumatic story stunned and surprised us. Her grandmother bought an Imperial Blue designer wheelchair bag that Alana selected. We must say it fit perfectly with her pageant tiara.

Again, attending an Abilities Expo gave us a chance to meet in-person the remarkable women who face life everyday in wheelchairs, power chairs, mobility scooters and on walkers with such positive attitudes and who welcome our designs that bring them function and fashion. Being able to interact with these women, some very young, is an educational and uplifting experience for us. Before we were concerned that our designer carryall bags would only be appreciated by mature women, but we were pleasantly surprised to see the eyes of young girls brighten when viewing our Espresso Flower Shower and Zebra bags. Unlike our stop at the Expo in New Jersey where most interest was in the sophisticated Silver & Onyx Damask bags, we noticed that these Texas girls enjoyed our more colorful Premier bags including Fresh as a Daisy and Paisley Bright Blue.

Another interesting aspect of attending the Expo was to learn how our bags are used by different people who have different needs. When we first launched our Classic designer carryall bags we focused on the senior market but over the past year we now see how broad and diverse the disabled market is and how we can better our bags to meet the needs of different genders, races and ages. We made our Premier bags for this market with the goal of being more versatile and we were struck by how inventive people are when using the bags on different mobility devices and how they configure the straps to meet their particular needs. It was especially meaningful that our designer, Sharon Richardson, was able to interact with all of these people and hear their needs, see their mobility devices and get their ideas.  The feedback we received at these events is both heart-warming and practical and we always leave feeling energized with new ideas and ways we can make our designer mobility bags more effective for the people who need them. Thank you everyone!

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