Power Chairs & Infant Development

The real power of a power chair

It’s no secret that power chairs and wheelchairs are valuable mobility devices for adults but new research is indicating that infants and toddlers who suffer from disabilities are encouraged to be more active and mobile by using mobility devices. A recent study at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and reported by www.newsokcom leads researchers to believe that children as young a 14 months can operate power chairs and that using these devices is encouraging them to be more mobile. Studies done at the university have shown that children who suffer from cerebral palsy and other disabilities are more likely to try to move about on their own after using a mobility device.

The research is still in process but people involved are hoping to advance into new phases that will study how mobility devices may affect emotional and cognitive development in children suffering from a disability. The liberating feeling that a wheelchair and power chair give to the user has long been known with teenagers and adults, but the new research being done is very encouraging for infants and toddlers since the initial feedback is that the use of mobility devices is encouraging kids to try even harder to do things on their own and not be dependent on others for help. This can have positive effects on how these children develop mentally and physically.

The study is still in the initial phases but researchers are confident that the tests will conclude children who use mobility devices will be more social and apt to try harder than children who don’t use a power chair or wheelchair. Perhaps what’s really being uncovered through the research is that children who are disabled learn that with the right devices they can accomplish things other children can as well and that this sense of freedom and ability leads to an empowerment that helps kids to feel capable rather than handicapped. The sooner someone with a disability learns how much they can actually do the better their outlook on life will be. At HDS MEDALLION® we find this news to be very encouraging and look forward to more developments in the field of infants and wheelchairs.

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