Accessing the Great Outdoors

The wheelchair accessible ramp at Milford Point

Last week we blogged about revolutionary power chairs which enable outdoor enthusiasts the chance to trek over rough terrain when hunting, fishing and camping.  However it occurred to us that many people who use wheelchairs and power chairs might not be in the need for an all-terrain mobility device since all they want is a quiet stroll in a scenic garden or along the beach. That’s why we were excited to read in the Connecticut Post about Fairfield native Don Chiboucas who heads up the Wheels in the Woods Foundation, an entity that promotes construction of wheelchair accessible pathways through natural settings.

While it’s great that hard core hunters and campers can now purchase power chairs that can navigate over rough terrain, the fact is most people using mobility devices are not rugged outdoorsmen or women. They simply want a nice path that their wheelchair or medical scooter can run smoothly over. In 1999 Chiboucas helped get a wheelchair-friendly ramp built at the Milford Point Coastal Center and this year his foundation help to fund an extension of that ramp to allow wheelchair access to the beach. Coastal access has always been a hindrance for people using medical scooters and mobility devices and even if ramps have been constructed for people to walk on many lack the proper railing to ensure optimal safety.

At HDS MEDALLION® we know how important it is for people in wheelchairs and power chairs to get outside and enjoy the fresh air year round which is why we fully support the building of wheelchair-friendly ramps and walkways on beaches, gardens, parks and other recreational sites. We have a full selection of wheelchair bags that make for perfect accessories when enjoying a stroll on a nice day. Having a practical and fashionable accessory attached to a wheelchair or power chair is great for carrying personal belongings that will make a stroll along the beach even more enjoyable including cameras, sun block and sunglasses. We look forward to hearing more about new construction projects that will give people in wheelchairs and power chairs greater access to the great outdoors.

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