Stylish Carryall Bags for the Summer

The Poppy Punch Caribbean Blue Bag

Summer officially begins on June 20th and if you plan on taking advantage of the nice weather, relaxing scene and plentiful sunshine, make sure you have a stylish and practical HDS MEDALLION® Distinctive Carryall Bag to hold your personal belongings. The summer season is a great time to get outside with a walker, wheelchair or power chair and now with our stylish carryall bags you can match the season with a colorful mobility device accessory. Among our collection of walker and wheelchair bags you’ll find a great selection of summer theme styles to fit the season.

From pool parties and backyard BBQ’s you’ll have plenty of opportunities during the summer to show off stylish HDS MEDALLION® Distinctive Carryall Bags. Some of our more popular bags that fit the summer theme include the Premier or Classic Espresso Flower Shower bag that features a bright contemporary floral garden bordered by hot pink and tangerine orange ribbons anchored by a hot pink buckle and a base of fabric that has fuchsia dots on a rose background. Great for a stroll through the park or lunch at an outdoor restaurant this mobility device bag is sure to brighten up the mood of whoever is using it. Just pick the one that works best on your device.

Another great bag for summer occasions is our Classic Poppy Punch Bags in Caribbean Blue, red or Berry. The Classic Caribbean Blue CarryAll bag has rich turquoise waters touching upon a colorful field of red and berry poppies. With a dotted turquoise ribbon sewn on the red saddle stitch this bag provides a consistent Caribbean blue theme that is soothing and tropical. Perfect for a day by the pool or some fun in the sun, this classic bag is a must-have for summer fans. Our Poppy Punch Caribbean Blue bag is also part of our partnership with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation so $7 from every bag sold goes to helping to cure spinal cord injury and treating people living with paralysis.

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