The Abilities Expo Recap

Choose either Classic or brand new Premier Bags from HDS Medallion

Last week HDS Medallion® proudly attended the NY-Metro Abilities Expo at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center and was thrilled with the response to their stylish carryall bags for mobility devices. In addition to meeting many new people who were happy to see someone finally designing wheelchair, power chair and walker bags that are fashionable as well as functional, HDS Medallion® unveiled their new Premier bags that were an instant hit. Classic HDS Medallion® designer carryall bags work very well on walkers and thin armed power chairs, but the new Premier bags have the ability to adjust and fit all types of mobility devices. They can also be configured into a regular shoulder or handbag.

One extremely beneficial aspect of attending such a well-known event was the feedback we got from a wide variety of people relative to potential products. For instance, inquiries were made about bags for children, bigger bags that could support feeding tube systems, large zippered bags for women and bags for teenage girls. When we first started out in this business, our intent was to give senior women the chance to add a stylish and practical handbag to her walker. Now we see the opportunity to design and manufacture versatile handbags that can be used with a wide variety of mobility devices for men, women and children. We also found a lot of interest from occupational and visiting nurses as well as physical therapists who couldn’t wait to get back to their patients with the news that the days of drab and dull medical bags have finally come to an end.

Mostly we were touched at how uplifting the event was. Yes, many of the attendees were disabled and required a mobility device but there was nothing sad or unfortunate about their condition. The upbeat attitudes and inspiring stories of the people we met only served to reinforce our conviction in what our Premier wheelchair bags are meant to accomplish: making life easier and more fashionable for those who need to use walkers, all types of wheelchairs, power chairs (especially thick armed ones) and transport medical scooters.

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