The Healing Power of Color

Colorful Walker Bags from HDS MEDALLION

Have you ever stopped to look closely at the devices and accessories that are available to assist the disabled and elderly in being mobile? While many of these devices including walkers, power chairs, wheelchairs, scooters and transport wheelchairs are definitely helpful and provide the means for seniors and the disabled to move about more freely, the drab gray or black colors are anything but uplifting. Though this may not be a big deal to some people who have to use these devices, others find it very depressing and a vivid reminder of their disability or age or both. Medical devices are meant to be practical and functional but that doesn’t mean these items can’t be fashionable or at least colorful as well. At HDS MEDALLION® we welcome the steps some companies are taking to add color to the devices. We also firmly believe that the right dash of color on a walker bag or power chair carryall bag can have a huge impact on the user’s outlook.

While we can’t do much about the look and design of the medical mobility devices offered to seniors and people with disabilities, we can help improve the aesthetics by accessorizing walkers, transport wheelchairs, power chairs and medical scooters with our colorful and uplifting carryall bags. The walker bags designed by HDS MEDALLION® were originally made to help women who use medical mobility devices carry their personal belongings with them when using walkers and power chairs. However, during our research we noticed how quickly senior women and women with disabilities cheered up when using the stylish and practical carryall bags from our collection.

Our unique and distinctive carryall bags won’t provide a cure or make you younger, but the vibrant and captivating colors and patterns in our designs can have a noticeable effect on the user. If a woman using a walker or other mobility device has to use a dull gray or black medical bag as an accessory, chances are she won’t feel all that cheerful, must less stylish. People forget that just because a woman is older or has to use a medical mobility device, it does not mean she has to sacrifice that style that makes her unique. The classic walker bags from HDS MEDALLION® are crafted to help senior women and women who are disabled regain a sense of fashion that is so often lacking when it comes to medical devices and accessories. With the right color walker bag or power chair accessory from our collection, you can very easily brighten the day of any woman using a medical scooter, power chair or walker.

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