Walker Bags Not Just for Seniors

Espresso Flower Shower walker bag

When most people think of a medical mobility device, such as a walker, power chair or transport wheelchair, they assume it is for an older person. While the majority of people using such devices are seniors, it doesn’t mean they are the only people who depend upon these devices. People recovering from surgeries, accidents and debilitating medical conditions also need to use a mobility device while healing. Diseases such as muscular dystrophy, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy among others often force people into wheelchairs, power chairs or medical scooters on a permanent basis. If the person using a walker, power chair or medical scooter happens to be a woman then our distinctive HDS MEDALLION® CarryAll bags are great accessories.

While our bags were originally designed for senior women, it quickly became apparent that women of all ages may need to use a walker, transport wheelchair or power chair and that these same women would benefit from a handy, stylish and practical carryall bag to hold all her personal belongings on these devices. Younger women tend to carry around more items than senior women and the need for a fashionable and functional carryall bag that can easily fit on a walker, power chair or medical mobility scooter became essential to getting through their days.

At HDS MEDALLION® we offer a great selection of high quality, made in the USA, stylish and practical carryall bags that come in many different styles to appeal to senior women and younger women too. Handbags are essential gear for women of any age and just because a woman has to use a walker, power chair or transport wheelchair is no reason to sacrifice her unique sense of style. If you know a younger woman who has recently undergone surgery, been in an accident or has a debilitating disease and now has to use a medical mobility device to assist in her recovery or day-to-day living, make her life easier with a beautiful and practical walker bag.

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