Being Practical with Walker Accessories

Walker Accessories

Try doing a Google search for “walker accessories” and you’ll be surprised at all the results that come up. You can find a myriad of items made specifically for walkers including cup holders and baskets to more decorative items such as personalized banners and holiday adornments including Christmas banners. More people are using walkers and medical transport devices than ever before and with the increase in use comes the need for many to accessorize their “rides” to suit their own personal taste. Aside from fun and decorative accessories, you can find plenty of practical items for your walker or power chair including high quality designer walker bags.

When considering accessories for a walker, power chair, medical scooter or transport wheelchair, ask yourself if it is something the person using the device really needs. All the whistles and bells, literally, may be fun for a birthday or holiday but rarely get used after the special day. With a unique and creative walker bag, however, your loved one who has to use a walker or power chair will have a durable carryall bag that can be used daily to help any woman keep track of all her personal belongings she takes with her when using the medical transport device.

At HDS MEDALLION® we carry a full line of individually designed distinctive carryall bags in a variety of refreshing colors and designs for the woman who refuses to sacrifice her fashion sense just because a disease or accident has forced her to use a walker. In addition to being a practical accessory, our designer walker bags can also greatly improve the spirits of someone confined to a power chair or transport wheelchair who may be feeling disabled. With a crafty and stylish carryall bag for her walker or medical scooter, she’ll feel a sense of individuality. This empowering feeling has brightened the mood of many women who have received an HDS MEDALLION® distinctive carryall bag as a gift.

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