A Valentine’s Gift for Loved Ones

Charlotte Rose Pink

The tradition of Valentine’s Day often involves romance but many use the holiday as a chance to show any loved one their thanks and appreciation. The sons and daughters of moms and grandmas have less than three weeks to figure out a clever gift idea that will say ‘I love you’ in a heartfelt way. Valentines Day represents a great opportunity to lavish the woman you love with a thoughtful and useful gift. If mom or grandma has to use a walker, mobility device, power chair, small wheeled wheelchair or medical scooter, get her a stylish and distinctive carryall bag from HDS Medallion. With many different styles of bags to choose from that feature roses, poppies and daisies, an HDS Medallion carryall bag will be a welcome gift that she can use every day.

When women have to face life with mobility aides such as a walkers, transport wheelchairs or power chairs they inevitably feel disabled and that often has an adverse effect on self-esteem. With the elegantly styled and meticulously crafted carryall bags from HDS Medallion, you not only provide her with a useful handbag to carry all her personal belongings on her mobility device, but also uplift her spirits with the chance to express her unique style by using the walker bags. The HDS Medallion collection offers a wide selection of carryall bags in styles ranging from light and floral to chic and edgy.

Flowers and chocolate are always welcome on Valentine’s Day but this year surprise mom or grandma with a fashionable and functional walker carryall bag that will outlast the roses and sweets. It’s a gift that can be used every day. Life with a power chair, walker or transport wheelchair is never easy and by providing women with attractive, useful accessories such as designer carryall bags you can help make the process of adjusting to a mobility device easy and fun. And she’ll enjoy Valentines for days on end.

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