Using Your Carryall Bag with Different Mobility Devices

If you are familiar with our carryall bags and have considered adding one to your handbag collection it is important that you check if the bag will be compatible with your mobility device ahead of time. While it would be ideal if our bags were compatible with all devices this is unfortunately not the case. Instead of purchasing a bag only to discover it is not compatible with your device and then having to return it you can determine your device’s compatibility ahead of time.

One of the first things that you can look for to see if your device is compatible is a sturdy bar that is at least eight inches long. If you can hang a bag from this bar without obstructing an operational part of the device you will be good to go. Many types of walkers and a few power chairs are compatible with our bags and allow you to express your sense of fashion while bringing you a great deal of convenience. Long gone will be the days of fumbling with a traditional purse if you find that your mobility device is compatible with our carryall bags.

Our carryall bags are great for other devices as well including strollers, grocery carts, and other carts that you may use for the sake of convenience. Just keep in mind that there must be an eight-inch unobstructed bar for the carryall bag to hang on. Whatever type of device you are using if it is compatible with our bags you will be able to add a stylish bag or two to your wardrobe that will keep you look fashionable and will bring convenience and organization back to your life. So browse our selection today after finding out if your device is compatible and find the perfect HDS MEDALLION Distinctive Carryall Bag for you.

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