Using a Carryall Bag with Your Mobility Device

If you have recently had to start using a mobility device such as a power chair, wheelchair, or walker then you may have found that your life has changed a bit. There may be big changes such as taking the elevator instead of the stairs and then there may be the smaller changes like no longer being able to conveniently carry your purse. But you don’t have to resign to using an unattractive bag just because you can no longer carry your stylish purse; instead you may want to consider the benefits of carrying a beautiful carryall bag that offers convenience and practicality.

HDS MEDALLION offers carryall bags that have been created with those who use mobility devices in mind. You will no longer have to worry about your purse spilling out or falling over because instead you will have a bag that can conveniently be strapped to your mobility device. Our carryall bags come in a variety of designs so no matter what styles and fashions you love you will be able to find the carryall bag that reflects your personality beautifully.

Not only do these bags strap to your mobility device for the ultimate convenience but they also come with Velcro closures and large pockets for you to store everything. You will no longer have to fumble with zippers or metal snaps with the Velcro closures and everything in your bag will have its place with the pocket space. As you can tell these bags are quite practical and once you see them for yourself you will see how truly stylish they are. We are constantly working to create a high quality product as well as creating new designs so shop with us regularly to find new bags that may catch your eye.

HDS MEDALLION carryall bags were created to make the lives of those with limited mobility easier. You will find that once you have one of our carryall bags in your hands that your life may become a bit simpler. While being able to carry a stylish bag that you love may not seem like much you will feel much more confident than carrying unattractive alternatives that mobility device companies may offer. Feel fabulous while using your mobility device by strapping on one of our beautiful bags.

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