Giving the Gift of a Walker Bag this Holiday Season

With the holidays quickly approaching you are likely on the hunt for the perfect gifts for your family members and friends. Many shoppers like to find that gift that walks the line of practical and fun; if you are like this finding a gift for the senior citizen in your life can be difficult as they have likely accumulated many things over the years. If this particular family member or friend uses a walker or power chair you have come to the right place to find out what that perfect gift is. A walker bag will make a wonderful gift this holiday season; read on to find out how they differ from a regular handbag and why your loved one will love the bag.

If you know someone who uses a walker or power chair you have probably seen them adapt to life since the addition of the device but there are still things that are difficult. This is why it is a great idea to make things simpler for them wherever possible and the addition of a walker bag may just be that simplicity. You’ve probably seen the women in your life carrying purses for years and years; maybe your mom carries on purse year round, your aunt has a purse for every outfit, and your grandma has a purse fore very season. Purses are a simple way for women to carry what they need with them when on the go; but carrying a purse isn’t always simple for someone using a walker.

When carrying a purse a walker user may have to pull both hands off of the walker to open and close the purse using a zipper and snaps. Letting go of the walker can be incredibly dangerous for a person who relies on it and may lead to a fall. A traditional purse may also weigh heavily on your loved one’s shoulder causing them to lose their balance or develop a sore back. A walker bag can be simply strapped on to a bar on front of the walker with Velcro straps and is also has Velcro closures so it can easily be opened with one hand. Many walker bags also come in beautiful prints and colors so you will be able to find the one that reflects your loved one’s sense of style the best.

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