What Makes a Walker Bag Different From Your Purse

Using a walker, a power chair, or a wheel chair can sometimes be a difficult behavior to become assimilated to. If you’ve spent most of your life walking freely and you were recently told by a doctor that you should begin using one of these devices you may wonder how your life is going to change. While your day to day will likely be pretty similar with the addition of a walker or wheelchair you may have to make some adjustments, large and small. The larger adjustments may include having to use an elevator or lift as opposed to the stairs and the smaller adjustments could be something as simple as no longer being able to carry your favorite purse.

You may think that toting around your purse will be as simple now as it was in the past but you should be prepared that it may not be. You may have to make a transition to a bag that is more suitable for carrying when using a walker or a power chair. This does not mean that you have to settle for an unstylish handbag that you hate and doesn’t reflect who you are. Instead you can search for the perfect walker bag for you; modern walker bags are a great alternative to your standard handbags and you may even find them more useful in the end.

Your walker bag will come outfitted with Velcro straps so it can easily be affixed to a bar on your walker or the arm rest on your power chair. You will be able to use your hands and arms for the important tasks such as pushing your walker or directing your power chair with the addition of a walker bag. You also won’t have to worry about unzipping your purse and zipping it back up with that tiny zipper because walker bags are kept closed with Velcro. And just like any purse many walker bags come with plenty of pocket space to help keep you organized.

As you can see there are quite a few beneficial differences in walker bags and you are sure to find them useful if you have began using a walker or power chair. Don’t get stuck with a tote bag that you aren’t thrilled with or have to suffer the inconvenience of carrying your regular purse, instead find the perfect walker bag for you that will reflect who you are beautifully while bringing convenience to your life.

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