A Big Thank You to Our Customers

HDS Medallion thank you customersWe at HDS Medallion® have been busy for the past several months traveling and exhibiting at trade shows across the country. We were at Abilities Expos in New York, Houston, Chicago, and Boston and three Little People of America events promoting our bags, reconnecting with old friends, and making new ones.

We cannot begin to describe how refreshing and rewarding it is to see customers come back to visit our booth at these events, whether they are coming to buy a new bag or not. We love the opportunity to catch up, find out if they have had any issues related to their bags, and ask what they would like to see in the future. Previous customers are always the best marketers and spokespeople for us at our booth and driving around at the Expos. We love to see people who are returning or are visiting us for the first time to enter our drawings, to purchase a new bag, or just to see what’s new.

We always welcome feedback from our customers. Since they use our bags on a daily basis, their experiences are valuable to us. Plus we always learn from them since they can demonstrate different ways to attach our bags to their mobility devices and give us ideas for future bags. For example, a plain black bag that is coming soon was designed in response to requests from customers, men as well as women.

At these shows, we also renewed our acquaintance with some wonderful exhibitors who sell great products for people who use wheelchairs, walkers, power chairs and scooters. We are building a resource page on our website to highlight them for our customers and followers. We have also done “shout-outs” on Twitter and Facebook. By the way, if you haven’t followed us or visited our Facebook page in the past year, you may have been automatically dropped. Please visit us and like us again. We would appreciate it.

HDS Medallion would like to thank all of our customers for using our bags and for visiting us at trade shows to let us know how our products have helped them and how we can make them even better. Recently we sat down and identified the “lessons learned” from our customers. We’ll start sharing these lessons in our next blog on a wide range of subjects like securing a bag. Don’t miss it!

We always welcome feedback from our customers and encourage you to visit our booth if you attend an Abilities Expo or Little People of America event in the future. In the meantime send us your thoughts, reactions, or questions at carol@hdsmedallion.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hdsmedallion.

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