Ms. Wheelchair America Empowers Women with Disabilities

Ms. WheelchairMs. Wheelchair America is a title awarded every year to a woman who has advocated on behalf of the more than 54 million Americans living with disabilities. At HDS Medallion, we are proud of the inspirational work that these talented women have done on behalf of people with limited mobility.

Ms. Wheelchair America’s mission is to offer an opportunity for women who use wheelchairs to successfully educate and advocate on behalf of individuals with disabilities. Unlike traditional beauty pageants, the goal of Ms. Wheelchair America is not to choose the most attractive contestant. It is a competition that recognizes courageous women for their advocacy, achievement, communication, and presentation to choose the most accomplished and articulate spokeswoman for people with disabilities. Ms. Wheelchair must be able to communicate the needs and accomplishments of individuals with disabilities to the general public, business people, and legislators.

Ms. Wheelchair has several duties during her one-year reign. She educates the public about the need to eliminate architectural and attitudinal barriers, shares the achievements of people with disabilities with the public, and helps to establish programs in all 50 states to promote Ms. Wheelchair America. She visits advocacy groups, makes public appearances, and conducts radio, print, and TV interviews.

We have sold, donated, and demonstrated our stylish wheelchair and walker bags with Ms. Wheelchair of Texas, California, New Jersey, and New York and Little Ms. Wheelchair of Texas. Shameka Andrews, Ms. Wheelchair of New York, stopped by our booth at the New Jersey Abilities Expo to thank us for the bag she won and introduced us to Ms. Wheelchair America, Samantha Schroth (Wisconsin). We are happy to support these women and girls and are proud that they like our bags. We just met Ms. Wheelchair of Illinois and Wisconsin at the Chicago Abilities Expo and will be supporting them as well.

At HDS Medallion®, we salute Ms. Wheelchair America and Ms. Wheelchair from every state for the valuable work they do on behalf of the disabled community. We hope that the work of these talented women will continue to advance the causes that are important to Americans with disabilities.

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