HDS Medallion® Bags Make Great Holiday Gifts

The holidays are right around the corner. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member who uses a wheelchair, walker, power chair or scooter, give her a stylish and fabulously functional bag from HDS Medallion. It’s a gift women use daily.

Our bags are specifically designed to be used with mobility devices. Our Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro Collection bags have detachable, adjustable straps that allow them to fit nearly all devices especially wheelchairs, power chairs and scooters. They can even be configured into a regular shoulder or handbag for use away from a device. Our Classic Collection bags are terrific for walkers, scooters and thin armed power chairs. Wondering if our bags will fit your loved one’s or friend’s device? We provide step by step instructions on how to be sure on our new website.

Our mobility bags are stylish and come in many attractive styles and designs. Our bags appeal to women and girls of all ages and come in many attractive patterns and color schemes to suit everyone’s tastes. You are sure to find a bag that the woman or girl on your list will love as an expression of her style!

We are offering special savings now through the end of the year. Click on the link for our coupons page and see which offer is best for you. You can choose between 15 percent off the cost of the bags ordered (excluding taxes and shipping) or free shipping between now and year-end. Or you can save $5 if this is your first time purchasing an HDS Medallion bag. Note the code for the offer you choose and enter it when you check out. Only one coupon code can be used on any given order.

A designer bag is the perfect holiday gift for the woman or girl in your life who uses a wheelchair, walker, power chair or scooter. It will help her carry all the things she needs on a daily basis and will help her feel stylish and confident. Order your HDS Medallion designer mobility bag today to make sure it arrives in time for the holidays. Happy Holidays!

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