Bags Designed with You in Mind

Bags Designed with You in Mind

We've discovered many more amazing women and girls beyond seniors with other mobility devices (wheelchairs, power chairs, mobility scooters, strollers, cane chairs, etc.) who value our bags. Whether it is a 13 year old girl with cerebral palsy, a 35+ year old recovering from ankle surgery, a dying friend who used the bag to hold her GI bag, a woman paralyzed by a spinal cord injury, one with MS, or a little person who carries one of our demi-premier bags as a shoulder bag, they all found these bags to be both fabulously functional and stylish.  Our friends who play golf rave about their bags' versatility going from golf cart to lunch.

Women of all ages and circumstances are sporting our bags now and loving that the bag is a great expression of their personality, style and beauty while adding great functionality to their mobility devices. We could go on and on describing the range of our wonderful customers.....all ages, all sizes, all different and all beautiful in their own unique ways.  Take a look at our catalog to see the range of bags offered.

We've learned a lot about the diversity of mobility devices disabled women and girls use and have designed bags to work on the vast majority of them.  In 2012, we introduced our new Premier Bags for women who use multiple devices, or are in wheelchairs, power chairs, etc.  They too gain a psychological lift of being stylish while receiving great functionality.  Our innovative fastening system in these bags is extremely flexible and adaptive to multiple devices.  We know it works when our competition begins using the same design, but ours is based on strong metal components, while theirs are plastic.  
The mechanics of this flexible, innovative bag has been carried forward to other collections. Our  Demi-Premier bags, introduced in 2013, are just perfect for small chairs, young girls or for those women who like to carry a smaller bag. Metro Bags are larger and more secure in the big cities with zippered closures.  We introduced our first waterproof bags in 2014 and have been expanding that line as we find attractive laminated cotton fabric we can use.  We continue to introduce new bags, patterns, and styles regularly. 
In 2016 we introduced a new universal collection for men and women. It has some unique features such as a band on the front of the bag that can be changed to reflect additional looks.  When you buy this bag, you get to pick out an additional band of your choice among 7.  Plus there are more bands available for sale.  We're still awaiting approval to offer stunning military service medallions for these bags as well.  
So think of your loved one or friend who uses mobility devices and honor your mom, grandmother, aunt, friend, daughter or loved one with an authentic HDS Medallion Designer CarryAll BagOr treat yourself!
HDS Medallion's New Universal Expression Bags - Change Your Look Up!

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