Customize Your Wheelchair!

At tradeshows and expos we talk to booth visitors about the fabulously functional bags we design, manufacture and sell.  In person we can demonstrate how they work on the person's mobility device.  At the Abilities Expos we also see other companies' products that help customize wheelchairs and improve safety, mobility and other issues.  We just saw an article by Cory Lee that does a great job of laying out ways to customize chairs.  So rather than repeat it, we'll just give you the link and let you read it for yourself.  

Obviously we applaud the section that points out that "impeccably designed" bags can accessorize wheelchairs.  We believe that our bags provide not only great functionality and fashion but also often lift the spirits of the person in the chair.  She or he can display an item showing individual taste and style that complements their device.  Many of our customers speak of the pleasure they receive in carrying our bags.  Enjoy the article.



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