HDS Medallion & Villa Siena Cooperate To Benefit Residents At Christmas

HDS Medallion & Villa Siena Cooperate To Benefit Residents At Christmas

Last December, HDS Medallion was contacted by Kathleen McCarthy of the Villa Siena Auxiliary.  She was head of the committee that was determining what Christmas presents they would give residents in 2016.  In polling the residents, several women had asked for "nice or pretty bags" for their walkers or wheelchairs.  So the committee launched a search for such bags. HDS Medallion was chosen unanimously as the desired bag!  To make a long story short, they ended up buying over 100 bags in 25 different styles for men and women with mobility devices.   

A short article has been written about this interaction and how the presents are being used or not used today.  Check it out!


We want to thank Kathleen and Executive Director Corine Bernard for their kind comments and the update of how well things are going.  Looking forward to meeting them on my West Coast trip next week!!

 Villa Siena Resident Shows Off Her HDS Medallion Bag at Christmas 2016Even Men Received HDS Medallion Bags at Christmas at Villa SiennaHDS Medallion Bags at Villa Siena Worked on Wheelchairs TooStill Using HDS Medallion Bags Nearly A Year Later!


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