Innovative Technology - What's Hot at Today's Trade Shows Part 1

Our Innovative Technology series is dedicated to bringing you the latest news and breakthroughs in mobility device design, medical breakthroughs, and more. Whether you are using a wheelchair, walker, scooter or power chair, keep checking back to the HDS Medallion Blog to keep up on the newest innovations in the world of disability technology!

The ReWalk Personal 6.0While adaptive technology is not a new concept, the industry has seen a recent surge in bold new designs. From re-imaginings of familiar concepts to brand new inventions, the future is now in the world of adaptive technology. While we think of our designer mobility bags for devices (e.g. walkers, scooters, wheelchairs and power chairs) as an example of innovation, we know we're addressing a personal need while some of these innovations really provide amazing breakthroughs. Our travels to national trade shows have introduced us to many new engineering marvels, and we're introducing some of them to you in our latest Innovative Technologies feature.

Naturally, some of the most revolutionary innovations involve mobility devices themselves. A mobility device is an essential part of day-to-day life for many disabled individuals, and impacts their quality of life constantly. As such, there's been a real push to redesign mobility devices to best provide for those who need them. Previous Innovative Technologies features have highlighted two great examples in the WHILL Model A and TEK-RMD, and we invite you to check those out if you're new to our blog. They're certainly not lacking in innovation!

However, there's an entirely new take on the idea of a mobility device that's turning a lot of heads at the trade shows we've attended. The ReWalk Personal 6.0 from ReWalk Robotics is an exoskeletal system that offers significant health benefits to the user. As opposed to most mobility devices that require the user to maintain a sitting position, the ReWalk Personal 6.0 allows the user to stand and walk themselves. Utilizing powerful motors at the hips and joints, the system reads subtle shifts in the user's center of gravity to naturally move and adjust. The system supports its own weight for ease of use, and is custom designed to be the perfect fit for every individual.

The ReWalk Personal 6.0The health benefits of allowing a person to stand and walk themselves are significant. Walking and ambulation have a direct link to improved bodily functions, improved posture, and even better quality sleep. However, many people with limited or no use of their legs can't simulate that type of exercise without difficult to use equipment. The ReWalk Personal changes that. By giving people a genuine ability to travel on their own two feet, those health benefits become available in a way they've never been before. The ReWalk Personal also features a significantly smaller profile than the average mobility device, allowing easier navigation of congested areas.

Beyond the health benefits, there's also a level of empowerment that the ReWalk Personal provides to the user that can't be matched by many devices. The ReWalk's functionality is designed with inclusivity in mind. The ReWalk claims that it has the fastest walking speed of any available exoskeleton, and that's not just to get you to your destination faster. That speed is designed to allow the user to match the walking speed of others, allowing them be just another person in the crowd. The device works perfectly both indoors and outside, and the battery is designed for a full day's use without a recharge. The ReWalk is designed to provide a new level of freedom for those who use it.

Our co-founder Carol with Gene Laureano, demonstrating his ReWalk deviceWe can tell you from direct experience that the ReWalk Personal is truly impressive. We've seen it in action at a number of trade shows this year, and their presentations are always compelling to watch. The picture shows our Co-Owner, Carol, with Gene Laureano, a paralyzed veteran, demonstrating the Rewalk in Chicago. He supports all of the company's claims.  He did indicate that it takes a while to build up your stamina to stand for longer periods of time if you have been sitting in a chair for years, but that his health has improved dramatically.  

The ReWalk Personal is truly a prime example of innovation in adaptive technology. Its unique concepts and user-forward design offers an exciting glimpse at the future of exoskelton technology and mobility device design. For more information, visit their website at, and check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you know of a unique technological device you'd like to see featured in a future blog? Contact us today and let us know!

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