It All Starts With Mom: Honoring Those We Meet and Ours!

It All Starts With Mom: Honoring Those We Meet and Ours!

Moms We Meet

We exhibit our bags at 7 - 10 trade shows or expos a year. So we are privileged to observe all kinds of mothers. Some are disabled themselves. Others are mothers of disabled kids. In the six years we have been doing shows, we have not seen one mother be unkind to her kid. Instead we see steady patience, deep love and affection, a strong sense of humor and their advocacy for their kids. So inspiring and a perfect example of why Mother's Day truly is their day!

 A LPA MomAn HDS Mom - Houston Ms WC Florida With Baby

Our Mom

From April 15 to Mother’s Day is a time when our family really reminisces about our Mom. It all started with her! So how does HDS equal MOM? Well, first of all, HDS are her initials - Hazel Della Snodgrass. Now you know why we did not call it the Hazel, Della or Snodgrass Bags. But our product name honors her for a variety of reasons.

Mom was literally a pioneer woman. At age 3 she accompanied her family as they moved via covered wagon from Texas to the Oklahoma Panhandle to try homesteading on a section of land. She was the only girl with four brothers. As my husband says, “those boys made her tough enough to be their boss in many ways all their lives”.  

They all worked hard on the farm; the boys in the fields and Mom helping in the kitchen, garden, barn, etc. She graduated from college (unusual for girls to even attend) as did all the brothers. She became a school teacher in a one room schoolhouse with 8 grades.  She was a teacher her whole life until she was forced to retire at 65. 

She was 5’ 2” but never came across as short.  She was feisty, independent as hell, outspoken, and raised her two girls (Sharon our designer and me, Carol, Co-Owner) to believe we could do anything we put our minds to. And we did.  Sharon was a teacher, then an administrator at two colleges/universities, and then an Assistant Professor.  Carol was an efficiency expert, a human resources professional and officer at a major corporation, established a successful management consulting firm dealing with major insurance companies, was COO of a startup ecommerce insurance company, and established HDS Medallion.

Mom was the inspiration for this business.  She could not stand her walker and was extremely upset when her pretty purses did not function on it. So she demanded that we find her a pretty bag. When we couldn’t, she instructed my sister to make her one (I don’t sew). When Mom displayed the new beautiful bag, every woman at the Assisted Living Facility with a walker, scooter or power chair wanted one also. And so it began.  We “opened” for business as an ecommerce company on April 15, 2011.

Mom was gone by then (died at 102 in 2010), but was fully aware we were starting the business, making bags, etc. In fact, she financed our first textile show visit. She loved the fact that it was named after her. She even attended focus groups at her facility to give her opinions; unfiltered of course.  We laughed since she has always given us her opinion – did not need a focus group to start that.

We’ve often laughed that if she were still with us, she would be in the middle of design, giving us doses of her wisdom and an occasional swipe of her sharp tongue when we screwed something up. We believe she is very proud of her legacy in HDS Medallion!

Miss you Mom!

inspiring and a perfect example of why Mother's Day truly is their day!



HDS Inspiration - Our Mom Hazel Della Snodgrass

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