It's Summer and Travel Is Imminent.  Are You Ready?

It's Summer and Travel Is Imminent. Are You Ready?

Before You Travel, Complete Your Checklist! 

Then Checkout Travel Tips & Articles

We travel all over the country to tradeshows to exhibit our HDS Medallion Designer Bags for Mobility Devices.  We also occasionally go abroad.  On a recent trip, my luggage was "lost". Although I had used a handwritten list to pack, I did not formalize it nor did I take it with me.  It would have saved so much time trying to remember bag contents much less when packing for the return trip.  

Other than lost luggage, nothing is worse than getting to your destination and finding out that you forgot critical items.  Some things are easy to find locally; others not so much!  So take a look at MyTRAVELChecklist.  It comes in 2 versions:  one in Word where you can modify it to suit your items by deleting or adding items or a pdf where you just circle things and check them off.  Have additional items we should include?  Just let us know at .


Tips For Travelers With Disabilities-Rick Steves' Europe


Rick Steves: "The creaky, cobblestoned Old World has long had a reputation for poor accessibility. It's the very charm of Europe — old, well-preserved, diverse, and different from home — that often adds to the barriers. But Europe has made some impressive advances toward opening its doors to everyone, including travelers with limited mobility.

I'm inspired by the fact that, wherever I go in Europe, I see locals with disabilities. The days of "hiding" disability are over: On the streets, in the museums, in the restaurants, and on the trains, you'll see people using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and canes to get around. If people with disabilities can live rich and full lives in Europe, then travelers with disabilities can certainly have an enjoyable and worthwhile vacation there, too." 

For rest of article, click here.





And Packing Tips - Sailing Trips by John Hawthorne

John Hawthorne: “I recently reached out to over 150 travel bloggers and asked them for some of the most un-thought of things to consider when packing for travel. Some of the responses I got were not what I expected. One of them being that most people don't account for the possibility of going on a sailing trip. I compiled all the data regarding packing for a sailing trip and if you wish you can look at all the takeaways here:”


After reading the blog, HDS Medallion reached out to John and discussed packing for disabled sailors particularly those with wheelchairs and he responded: 

"One of the finest sailing associations in America is the Challenged America Sailing Club which is an adaptive and therapeutic sailing organization which has helped many people reach their sailing goals proving that sailing can be for everyone. Sailing as a passenger with traditional boats is easily attainable for wheelchair users. With some simple modifications and the equipment devised by organizations like even independent sailing with a little bit of help is possible. Check out these three examples of how people with disabilities have come to enjoy this activity."

Disabled Sailors Association - San Francisco


Hope these tips and articles help make your summer travel easier and less stressful!  Have a great time and don't forget your HDS Medallion Designer CarryAll Bag(s).  Going sailing - consider our waterproof, laminated cotton bags.  



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