HDS Medallion Offers 6 Waterproof Bags of Laminated Cotton

Modern, Waterproof, Pliable and Durable Laminated Cotton in Our Bags

 As HDS Medallion produces more bags made of the waterproof fabric, laminated cotton, we get more and more questions about the fabric and its treatment.  For sure it is not like your mother’s oilcloth, vinyl, or plastic coated tablecloth, placemats or other items she might have made.  No, it’s modern and amazing.  But to get more information, we went searching and came across a site on Etsy, Laminates,  that features 300 laminates.  Most of the fabric offered is small pieces or a few yards.  

We found some good questions and answers on the site.  We have other opinions or points to make, so you’ll see HDS Medallion Note and then our comments in teal.  And we’ll comment about our laminated cotton bags at the end.


What is the difference between oilcloth and laminated cotton?
“Laminated cotton is softer and more pliable – the better ones are made using high quality designer cotton fabric with a thin (1 mil) layer of waterproof protection - it's easier to sew - and approved for use in children's products. It's wipeable, and most are washable - as with most cotton fabrics be sure to "set" color - especially darks & reds - if you plan on washing or storing wet products (ie: wet bags). 

Oilcloth is made using petroleum products and is NOT safe for children's products - It's more "stiff" and less pliable.” 

HDS Medallion Note:  the laminates we use are the highest grade of quilter’s cotton. Since they are wipeable with a sponge or cloth, not sure why washing would be necessary.  But just in case, we do not recommend washing these bags in a machine; handwashing would be less risky.

How do you care for laminated cotton fabric? Any special sewing techniques?

“Each of her listings give the manufacturer's care instructions - they are different depending on the manufacturer.  Washing can change the "look" - and it can become less shiny. The fabric is wipeable, soft, pliable and waterproof.

See sewing tips and techniques are on the website! http://www.justlaminates.com/

Can you iron your laminated cotton fabric?

“Some manufacturers suggest no ironing and "Finger pressing" is usually the recommended option.”  HDS Medallion Note:  you should never iron your laminated bag.  You could melt the laminate or minimally, reduce its shine. 

Does laminated cotton have BPA?

“The suppliers in the US are required to meet CPSIA compliance - Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act - but are not required to test for BPA - but many have - If the manufacturer has provided written documentation of testing I add "BPA free" to the listing.

This does NOT mean that there is BPA in the others - just that they haven't provided me written test documents.”

Do the edges of the material fray?
“Do the edges fray? Generally the laminate keeps the edges from fraying.” 

HDS Medallion Note:  since there are no open edges in the material in our bags other than seams inside linings, pockets and straps, you should not see fraying.  In 2 years of using this fabric, we have not ever had a fraying problem even as we cut all the pattern pieces before sewing.

Is your laminate food safe?

“Food safe is a tough one - the FDA has not established a test for our manufacturers to use because their standards are for testing a "product" - not the components of a product. In other words, the cotton laminate may be "food safe" but there's no test.”

Thanks Laminates for the information.  We also went and looked up our laminated fabrics.  Here’s what we learned.


Jet Polka Dot Bag Bags (Pink, Red or Turquoise Highlights)

Laminated cotton fabric by the yard - Small White dots (1/4") on black - Robert Kaufman's remix collection. A soft protective polyurethane film is laminated to the face of the fabric.  This laminate meets the key provisions of the CPSIA for lead and phthalates - It is soft - pliable - durable - and easy care. BPA free.

Whimsical Garden & Flirty Flower Bags

Flirty Flowers on black  is cotton with a soft protective polyurethane film is laminated to the face of the fabric. This laminate meets the key provisions of the CPSIA for lead and phthalates - It is soft - pliable - durable - and easy care. BPA free. Tested safe for children's products using strict USA standards. The lining of these bags is the Black & White Polka Dot fabric discussed just above.


This gorgeous laminated cotton piece was produced by a Design Studio. This was a limited edition and the bags are only sold at our tradeshows or through our corporate headquarters. Contact us if you are interested. Price is $89.95 reflective of extra materials, 2 zippers, and light padding inside.  Made unique bags given the way the fabric colors swirl.  We do not have any information about the testing, but know it was laminated by one of the premier companies doing lamination.  So we were comfortable with the fabric.  Very popular bag.

HDS Medallion offers 6 bags of laminated cotton for waterproofing.

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