She's carried her leopard print bag for over 4 years now!

Our Commitment: a Quality Product and Quality Customer Support!

You only have to spend a few moments browsing our store to see that HDS Medallion has dozens of bags of all shapes and sizes, for a wide variety of mobility devices. From our stunning and compact Classic collection to our beautifully versatile Metro line, we offer a wide variety of designer CarryAll bag options. With our Universal Collection, you could have several options with just a single bag!

There's no question HDS Medallion offers a wide variety of stylish and functional bags. However, there is one thing that remains consistent across every collection and every bag: quality. We take a lot of pride in knowing our bags are made to last. They aren't just beautiful, they stay beautiful!

HDS Medallion designer CarryAll bags are durable for a reason. Our bags may look just as stylish as the famous designer bags, but they're asked to do so much more. Normal designer bags don't need to be able to adapt to countless mobility device designs. Our customers often tell us their bag is their most secure storage option as well, which means they need to withstand frequent use and being filled to capacity more often than not.

Fortunately, our designer Sharon puts her heart and soul into ensuring every bag is designed with both beauty and resiliance in mind. She and our co-owner (and sister!) Carol carefully select fabrics that don't just look fantastic, but are also easy to care for, and durable as well. We also offer helpful guidelines for caring for your bag, to help it stay as perfect as the day you picked it out.

In a few rare cases, however, we have had customers reach out to us with concerns about the reinforced D-rings giving way on their bag. If a D-ring on your bag seems loose, your first step should always be contacting us and letting us know! We'll take the time to find out what the issue is. If there's no tear in the fabric, in most cases we can offer quick and easy repair tips to help alleviate the issue. We also offer a bit of advice for all of our customers: attach your bag to your mobility device by following our useful guide! You can also use the chart below to help determine the right bag size for your device. Securing your CarryAll bag to your mobility device correctly will significantly improve the life and security of your bag.

A useful chart to help you determine the best collection for your mobility device
We know all the effort that goes into making sure our bags are built to last is paying off. With hundreds of bags sold, we're proud to say we have had very few issues in regards to bag durability. We get a chance to interact with so many of our customers each and every year, and one of the highest points of those interactions are seeing old friends proudly using the same bag they bought from us years prior.

When you purchase a designer CarryAll bag from HDS Medallion, you don't just get a beautiful new way to express yourself. You're also getting a quality product you know you can count on for years to come!


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