Paying Attention to Hair - A Matter of Self-Expression Part 1

The Art of Self-Expression from HDS Medallion Designer Bags for Mobility Devices!This blog is part of a series we here at HDS Medallion Designer CarryAll Bags for Mobility Devices call The Art of Self Expression.  Over time, we’ll cover a range of topics regarding different styles, helpful tips, and anything else we think assist our customers and visitors in their self expression especially related to their mobility devices and accessories like our stylish mobility bags.

When you think and talk about style, most of the time the focus is on attire and accessories (like our fabulous HDS Medallion Designer CarryAll Bags for Mobility Devices). However, a major component of self expression is your hair. Depending on its cut, color and styling, it can dramatically enhance or detract from your look, and make a positive or negative statement about your personality. Hair is important! If you use a mobility device, your hair style can pull people’s eyes to your face and away from the device.

In researching for this blog, I used two major sources: a local hair stylist, Sergio Gurciullo, co-owner of Milano Salon & Day Spa in Bloomfield, CT. In full disclosure, he is my hair stylist and is known as a master hair cutter. With 35+ years in the business, he and his brother, Valerio, have built a lasting base of customers. In the last two years, they and their staff have also donated one day per month to working with women newly diagnosed with cancer. They provide free services to them ranging from pedicures to wigs or as they say, "head to toe". I salute them for this innovative way of giving back!

The other source naturally was the internet, using some of Sergio’s points as a guide. In the second part of this blog post, I'll be using information gathered from “About Style” for a more in-depth discussion of hair styles based on face shapes. But let’s start with insight from Sergio!

Sergio hard at work at Milano's Salon and Day Spa!

Q & A With Sergio

Q: Styles change frequently. What seems to be hot right now in terms of length, cut, color, etc.?
A: Medium to long wavy hair is really hot right now. We’re also seeing a lot more blondes especially toward the platinum, pastel, and even gray tones. However, ombré is still very popular. Curly, frizzy hair is out. We are also seeing shorter haircuts starting to become more evident.

Q: How do you keep up with trends and how should our readers?
A: Obviously we attend professional seminars, conferences, etc., but we also look at the same sources you can look at – fashion magazines, red carpet events, keywords on the internet such as fashion, latest haircuts, latest hair styles, hair style trends, face shapes, etc. It’s not hard at all.

Q: If someone says “do whatever you think will make me look good”, how do you decide what to do?
A: The first and most important step is to look at the face shape – oval, square, round, oblong or long, or heart shaped. Our job is to help diminish the negatives of a given shape and to improve the positive aspects of that shape. I also consider hair texture, thickness, and condition. Then I talk to my client about her lifestyle, her capabilities of taking care of a style, what style she has liked or disliked over time, etc. (See discussion below on shapes and styles).

Q: Does age affect what you should consider after face shape?
A: Here’s a general guide:
- In your 20’s, you can look good in any haircut of any length that flatters or enhances your face shape
- In your 30’s and 40’s, cut is important, but color can be a major factor. What looked good in terms of color in your 20’s, may not look good over the decades. Color has to complement your style and your skin. Skin often changes as we age.
- In your 50’s+, you can’t go crazy. A bad hairstylist will let you keep the same style for decades. That’s not necessarily doing you any favors. And many women have to deal with the choices around graying as they age. There are lots more options now and gray is in, but it varies by individual as to if and when they want to display their gray. Author’s Comment: Wow, I’m finally in with my gray/white hair!

Q: When you see a girl or a woman, what do you look for relative to their hair?
A: First, is their hair healthy? Does it shine or is it dry and frizzy? Then, is the haircut becoming and in the right shape? Is it trimmed? Is the color enhancing their face and skin or detracting? But that all happens at a glance. Healthy hair with the right haircut and coloring is automatically more attractive.

Q: Some quick questions - should women wash their hair daily? Use curling or flattening irons? What about drugstore coloring kits?
A: Hair should be washed with a good shampoo when it is dirty. Daily isn’t usually necessary. A little conditioner can help with the shine. Relative to color, if money is an issue, I would rather see someone save up a long time and have a good colorist do their hair then see them use the boxes in the drugstore. They tend to really dry out hair and often result in flat or brassy colors. Used right, curling irons and flattening irons should not harm your hair, but don’t use them on wet or damp hair.

Q: Any other tips to pass along that you get questions on?
A: People with large noses often ask me is there any style that helps de-emphasize it. There are few tricks to consider. First, is a “don’t” as in "don’t wear box bangs". These bangs end up emphasizing noses. Also, work at lifting up or emphasizing your cheekbones and eyes through hair cut (e.g. layering higher up) or make-up techniques. 

Another one is whether or not any teenager or woman in their 20’s should not have long hair as they all seem to do. Well, this is the time in life to have fun and experiment, but if you are short and want to appear taller, short hair does that better than medium or long hair. Also, pay attention when you are in a hair salon. Does everybody end up looking the same with the same hair style regardless of age or face shape? Does it look like the individual’s features are taken into account? If not, try another salon and stylist!

Lots of great insight from a true master of his craft! Check back with us next week for part two of this discussion, where's we'll dive further into face shapes and what styles best compliment them!

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