Ashley gets HDS Medallion Bag 2013 & 2017

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Reviews Really Help Others Find HDS Medallion

As an ecommerce company who also exhibits at tradeshows & expos, we depend on search engines, social media, blogs and word of mouth referrals to bring new potential customers to us.  Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all “feature” companies who receive good reviews by putting them in front of potential customers at a higher rate of placement.  So reviews pay off!


We know it takes time, but even a short positive review really can help us.  We would really appreciate your posting one either on Facebook or on our website.  Here are the easy instructions:


Facebook:  on the left column click on the word “reviews”.  You are immediately asked to tell them what you think.  Click on the stars and give a simple, but meaningful review and hit post.


HDS Medallion Website:  On every product page there is a tab about half way down the page that says “reviews”. Click on that tab and then follow instructions. Enhance it with a picture of you, your device and the bag or just the bag!


Thanks everyone! Check out the review we mentioned below.




The Great Review: "Can't wait to receive Ashley's new bag!!! This is an excellent family run company with exceptional customer service who go above and beyond. This will be our second bag purchased from them, but definitely not our last. Thank you again for a great product and for always making Ashley feel so special ."  Kathy from New Jersey


We usually show testimonials on our testimonial page, but this family was instrumental in convincing Bill (Co-Owner) that not only were our products needed, but that they were special and uplifting.  Ashley's joy in receiving a bag from her parents in 2013 at the Abilities Expo was palpable!  Her first bag was a Demi Espresso Combo.


Her new bag is the lush Demi Blue-Green Lumina with a zipper This new bag has become our best seller at expos.....going really rapidly.  Don't miss out on this gorgeous bag!

Ashley Gets An HDS Medallion Bag in 2013 and 2017!  She inspired Bill!




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