Safety First: Tips for Using Your Mobility Device

Here at HDS Medallion, we don't just care about making the best Designer CarryAll bags for mobility devices around. We also care about you! That's why we're dedicating a series of blog posts to our Safety First campaign. These posts will cover a variety of topics, and provide helpful tips for safe traveling, device usage, and more.

An example of how a beautiful HDS Medallion bag works on a wide range of mobility devicesMobility devices come in all shapes and sizes. From the simplest walkers to the most elaborate power chairs, there's a wide range of options available depending on a person's need, capability, resources, etc. However, every mobility device shares one thing in common. Without adhering to some best safety practices, any mobility device could expose its user to potential risk. While our favorite recommendation for a mobility device will always be to add one of our beautiful designer CarryAll bags, we've also put together some helpful safety tips to ensure your device is helping you as much as possible.


- Find your balance. If you're new using a wheelchair, take some time to become comfortable with your center of gravity. Getting used to a safe range of motion in a controlled environment can help prevent a future accident.

- Avoid bending forward. To avoid the risk of falling, never lean in a way that pitches you forward in the seat. If leaning can't be avoided, be sure to place your device as close to the object you're reaching for as possible to minimize risk.  We have to comment that this does not apply to everyone.  We've placed HDS Medallion wheelchair bags underneath their seats for some of our customers at their request.  That happens to be the best way for them to reach their bags, but clearly that's not applicable to everyone. 

- Don't forget your wheel locks. Always lock your wheels anytime you're getting in and out of the device. You should also lock them in any time you need to adjust your positioning, or lean in the seat.


- Choose the style that's best for you. Walkers come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the wrong walker for your needs can expose you to serious risk or discomfort. Be sure to partner with your doctor or physical therapist to make sure you're getting the best device for your needs.  

- Take simple precautions to limit your risk. Take small steps, and always keep the walker close to you. Wear nonslip footwear, and try to avoid cluttered areas that your walker could catch on.

- Always keep both hands on your walker. If you need to carry something, use a basket. Or, even better, use a stylish walker bag that's specifically designed to work on your walker!


- Review the manual. Power chairs are highly specialized devices with lots of components, and you'll want to be very familiar with your specific device to ensure you're getting the best performance. The manual will also include helpful guidelines for preventative maintenance, and contact information should the device need service.

- Keep the power chair charged. It may sound simple, but it's worth mentioning. The last thing you want is to run out of power while you're out, so be sure to get in the habit of charging your device whenever possible.

- Review your local regulations. Many states have special rules in place regarding the use of power chairs, particularly on roads and other areas where other vehicles are traveling. Make sure to review the guidelines in your area, so you can avoid dangerous areas.


- If possible, avoid using your mobility device outdoors in inclement weather. If it can't be avoided, maintain a slow pace and travel with another person if possible.  As a side note, our waterproof bags can be very helpful in these situations.  

- Attach lights or reflectors if you'll be using your mobility device on streets or parking lots at night.

- Perform regular maintenance checks on your mobility device. Catching early signs of wear or damage could potentially save your life!

- Avoid using bags not designed to be used on a mobility device. Standard bags can upset its balance, increasing the risk of your device tipping over or catching on a door jam or lift. In need of a fashionable bag that's perfect for your mobility device? We can help with that!  

Mobility device design is constantly being improved to provide a safer experience for those who need them. However, there's no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to your safety! Use these helpful tips to help ensure your mobility device always gets you where you need to go.

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