A Day in the Life (Part 2)

Another day in the concrete jungle

Thinking the worst was behind us we took the lobby elevator up to our room. We were under the impression the room would be ADA compliant but upon entering it was obvious that their idea of ADA compliant differed greatly from what a disabled person would say. While there were faults in the main room, it was the bathroom that truly got my attention as Pam pointed out the laundry list of problems. Instead of a roll-in shower the bathroom was equipped with a bath tub which is impossible for Pam to use, the mirror above the sink was 2’ above Pam’s head preventing her from being able to use the mirror; the back of the sink could not be reached which made it difficult to use the faucet and fixtures and the towels and toilet paper were also out of reach since no shelves were low enough for a person in a wheelchair to access. I stood next to Pam as we surveyed the hotel bathroom and wondered how anyone could consider this OK for a wheelchair user.

Needless to say another call was placed to the manager requesting a new room be found. As with our luck on this trip all the other rooms with roll-in showers were occupied though he did anticipate a room becoming available the next morning. Though apologetic it was obvious by the manager’s tone that Pam’s requests were starting to annoy the staff as if she were acting like a diva by expecting to have a room that would allow her to function. It appeared that those running the hotel were more put off by having to help Pam than treating her like any other guests who find their room inadequate for their needs.

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