Carol Helps Put A Bag On Her Scooter

They're Adjustable: How to Adjust The Straps on Premier, Demi-Premier, Metro and Universal HDS Medallion Bags

The secret sauce to fitting HDS Medallion Bags to all kinds of mobility devices is really a simple recipe.  Our straps are highly adjustable and detachable for various configurations allowing the bag to work on wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, walkers and even to be carried as a handbag or shoulder bag.  

At the various trade shows where we exhibit, we can personally demonstrate how to attach the bag to a person's device.  But it is harder online and we get questions periodically on how to do it.  

Carol Adjusting Straps to Attach BagHDS Medallion Royal Blue Lumina - Double Wrapped Straps

The first place to look is a page called How To Attach Your Bag.  The first section covers attaching our Classic Bags which do not have these types of straps.  Section II covers attaching one of our premier, demi-premier, metro and universal bags to various devices using the detachable, adjustable straps.  In this section, you'll see links to various videos that can help you visualize how this all works.  We recently added two that might be also helpful.  One shows you exactly how to adjust the straps

Section III covers some of the problems you might encounter and gives you practical advice on how to address them.  A new one is to have a seamstress, tailor or other sewer permanently shorten the straps to exactly fit your needs.  We filmed the owner of our manufacturing company demonstrating exactly how to do that.  Just be sure and measure correctly!  

Using The Detachable, Adjustable Straps of HDS Medallion Bag


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