We finally did it - came up with a bag that appeals universally to men and to women who want options on expressing themselves.  The core of the collection are two solid black twill bags: one with a zipper closure and the other with a velcro closure. For the zippered closure, look for bags beginning with the word "Zippered Universal Bag".  For non-zippered, look for "Black Universal Bag". In addition to the two inside pockets and 1 outside back pocket, each has 3 small pockets on the front and a black band that is attached by strong velcro.  

As if that isn't enough, we are offering a free additional band (one of 7 available) with your bag purchase.  So you can switch the bands and express your taste and style differently whenever the mood strikes you.   Want even more options?  You can also purchase other bands at a very reasonable price ($10 - $20) depending on its components.  Find the bag and band that works best for you!

 As the song goes "Express Yourself"!