HDS Medallion® is a trademarked name of our fabulously functional bags along with our logo and the medallion that is sewn on every authentic HDS Medallion Designer CarryAll Bag for Mobility Devices. HDS Medallion represents an exciting direction for the company and its owners, Bill and Carol Rady. It’s been quite a journey since the online store launched on April 15, 2011 as the business, products and types of customers have expanded and evolved.

Carol J. Rady is Co-Owner and Head of Product Development and Operations. She started her professional career at a major insurance company as an efficiency expert. She then spent a number of years in Human Resources and also became deeply involved with the first quality and successful re-engineering projects in that company.

In the early 1990’s, Carol became a management consultant successfully working with Fortune 100 financial services clients for nearly 15 years. She specialized in transformation projects including re-engineering, business and process redesign and customer service. She then joined the management team of an internet start-up insurance company for three years which introduced her to e-commerce.

She developed the idea to manufacture the original “walker bags” with her sister, Sharon. That started a 2 ½ year journey to even establish HDS Medallion to produce and sell these functional, fashionable bags in the U.S. She’s in charge of product development and manufacturing, social media, marketing, website development, trade shows and operations. She designed the innovative premier bag attachment system in 2013 that meets the needs of disabled women in other devices such as wheelchairs, power chairs, etc. She especially loves expos where she can actually meet and converse with customers. 

William J. Rady (Bill) is Co-Owner of the company. Bill had an extensive background as an internal auditor and then a product developer for a major insurance company until the 1990’s when he and Carol started a successful management consulting firm. Bill handled the infrastructure and financial aspects of that business.

He also brings his experience in small business administration to HDS Medallion having been part owner in a trade show management company and a wholesale nursery and agri-entertainment business.

Sharon A. Richardson enjoys her freedom as an independent designer having designed 35+ unique bags for and with us. We think her work is amazing! For a sampling of her work, check out our fantastic bags. Sharon always attends at least one of the expos where we exhibit for more inspiration! Our mascots, Abby and Hazel, are two bears in wheelchairs.  Sharon designed and made their outfits and matching wheelchair bags. Check out more about the bears Sharon decorates for the Salvation Army on pinterest including her Best In Show winner.

How It Began

It all began with our mother, Hazel Della Snodgrass (HDS), pictured above.  Feisty and independent, she was always well put together and extremely active until she fell and broke her hip at 99½, and everything changed.

After she moved into an assisted living facility, one of her biggest frustrations was the ugly, medicinal looking, metal walker and her inability to carry her things in a stylish purse when using it. Unable to find a single walker bag that Hazel liked, we, her daughters, Carol and Sharon, took matters into our own hands. 

Sharon made Mom the first of several walker bags with the style and flair worthy of her personality and taste. Her bags became the rage at the assisted living facility and soon all of Hazel's friends with walkers, scooters and power chairs were sporting Sharon's handiwork.  

Carol realized the bags were truly special when the ladies shared how the bags made them feel stylish and beautiful once again and how much they loved all of the compliments they received. HDS Medallion® (with the initials of our beloved mother's name) was born and these smashing bags have been lifting the spirits of women who use them on their devices ever since. 

Thank You for Your Support

We are truly blessed with wonderful vendors, manufacturers and people in this business who have helped us all along the way with their willingness to educate, advise and counsel us, to share their detailed industry and product knowledge and provide support to our company. To our models, test groups, booth visitors and most importantly, customers, we extend a warm thank you so much for affirming our vision, modifying our approaches and bags, and helping us grow the business.