Using a medical scooter is a huge advantage for people who are struggling to walk or have a debilitating medical condition including seniors, disabled children and adults and little people. However, having to use any mobility device at all means the person could be stereotyped and categorized by their lack of independence. While not much can be done to jazz up the style of a medical scooter itself, even if it is red, purple, green or blue, people can accessorize it along with power chairs, walkers and manual, electric or transport wheelchairs. Using an HDS Medallion® carryall bag gives these women, girls and guys a renewed sense of style and confidence.  They can show their taste and individual personality!

We offer a terrific variety of mobility device carryall bags to suit the distinct tastes of modern women, teenage girls and even young girls. With attractive quality fabrics and trims, the widest range of patterns and colors in the marketplace and a number of practical features and innovative designs, our designer carryall bags give women who use mobility aids a fashionable and functional accessory that affirms her individuality, not her dependence. 

Whether it is a Classic Bag (best on walkers), a Premier Bag that is extremely versatile and works on a wide range of devices including medical scooters, wheelchairs, thick armed power chairs, etc., or our Demi-Premier Bag which is great on smaller devices or our Metro Bag, the largest bag offered and with zippers, all can enhance a mobility device and its user as illustrated by this beautiful young woman with a purple scooter and our Jewel Swirl Demi Premier bag and two women who liked our zebra daisy dot bags, pink and aqua. (See below). Our choice to have them all made in the U.S.A. is important to us and many of our customers.

HDS Medallion Visitor Tries Out Demi-Premier Jewel Swirl on Her Scooter Two Little People Display Their HDS Medallion Scooter Bags - Zebra Daisy Dot In Two Colors
Our Demi-Premier Bags Look & Work Great On Scooters

Practical and fashionable, HDS Medallion® Designer Carryall bags are great gifts for women who are struggling with walking due to a variety of issues including surgeries on hips, knees, ankles and feet, weakness caused by chemotherapy or surgery from falls and injuries, paralysis from spinal cord injuries and diseases such a cerebral palsy, MS, and others. Having a handy carryall bag not only makes getting around easier, it also gives women a necessary lifeline to an important fashion accessory.

People who have to use scooters, walkers, power chairs and medical mobility devices have to deal with the psychological effect of needing assistance. We all want to feel capable and independent along with stylish and when those feelings are compromised or taken away, there is a definite drop in confidence. By using a decorative and functional HDS Medallion® Designer Carryall bag with your scooter, walker or power chair, you not only add a stunning fashion accessory, but also benefit from having a practical carryall bag that functions just like a purse as it is specifically designed to work on your device.  Every single one of our bags works on a medical scooter, so the issue is just to find the one you love.  

In our test groups and with new users, we were happily surprised to see how much the moods of women who use our bags improved with just this one accessory. More than just having a functional bag, using HDS Medallion® Carryall bags give women using these mobility devices a sense of fun or elegant style and fashion that did wonders for their outlook. They really perked up. In fact, this excitement and the intangible benefit of the bags is what really hooked us into establishing the company to make the bags.  They made a difference in these women's and girls’ lives!  

It’s too easy to stereotype people who use walkers, wheelchairs and power chairs and people who use these devices are well aware that they are being lumped into a “group”. Our designer scooter bags alleviate this problem by giving women who use medical scooters an accessory that speaks to her individual sense of style and draws attention away from the fact she is using a mobility device. With medical scooters, it can be hung from the handles, from the side armrest and in some, handles on the back. All but the Classic Collection bags can also be configured into a regular shoulder bag to be used away from the scooter. A very versatile bag indeed!

Three Little People Demo HDS Medallion Demi-Premier Bags On Their Scooters Or Carry