Premier Bags Work On Wheelchairs - Power Chairs - Scooters

HDS Medallion is committed to adding color, style and functionality to women of all ages living with mobility issues. That is why HDS Medallion offers an extensive selection of wheelchair bags, walker bags, medical scooter bags, and bags for other mobility devices as well as accessories.

The gift of one of these bags can bring joy to a friend or loved one living with a mobility disability while providing great purse functionality. This is why HDS Medallion is proud to offer the Premier CarryAll Collection. These wheelchair, power chair and mobility scooter bags are known for their style, functionality and unique versatility.

How versatile? These bags can be fitted onto a wheelchair, power chair, mobility scooter or walker and can be converted to be carried as a standard purse or shoulder bag, a feature unique to HDS Medallion Premier CarryAll Bags.  How is this versatility accomplished?  Every Premier bag features adjustable, detachable straps that can be configured in different ways using metal D-rings and snap hooks.

With specially made hardware, these bags offer durability without sacrificing fashion.  Made in a factory in Massachusetts of quality fabrics, these bags have a unique, handcrafted quality that allows the person who uses the bag to have a feeling that the bag was made just for her.  But our industrial sewing machines make sure that the bags stand up to the wear inherent in hanging on a mobility device.  The best of both worlds – industrial sewing that looks handcrafted! 

There is no greater feeling for a person living with a mobility device than to be given a renewed sense of independence not to mention the advantage of being fashionable. That’s why the Premier CarryAll bags are so special.   Your loved one’s or friend’s wheelchair, thick-armed power chair, mobility scooter, or walker can become a statement of fashion and purse functionality.

HDS Medallion Premier Bags Work On Multiple Devices